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  1. is there any issue with inferring a LUT in a full ROMM RGB environment? It looked very off (just overall bad quality) when I did so, but when I converted everything to sRGB everything looked perfect. What are your experiences with this? is there a recommended color space or did I just do something wrong somewhere? (I had original files and AFP files so I knew how it's supposed to look)
  2. Thanks for the info, right I forgot that one! An email address can be data I'd rather keep private
  3. You're right! Dumb me didn't consider this🙈 Lesson learned: don't trust stock images. Luckily this was for print, none noticed it, it was too small. Thank you
  4. As @LondonSquirrel pointed out already: In the whole EU (and Switzerland) for example you are allowed to sell used software by law, and it's not possible for companies to rule out that right in license agreements. There are some factors to consider though, e.g. it can't be a pirated copy (surprise😮), you need to destroy your own copy upon sale, it can't be rented software and maybe a few other factors. Affinity can though, in their AGBs, prohibit you from giving / selling your account data to 3rd parties. So you are legally allowed to sell your license key but you may not be able to sell your serif.com account as they might have ruled that out in their AGBs. So you can, but below I'll explain why it might be inconvenient. ------------------------- But there is a question left: how does the buyer then obtain the software packages? As I've seen you need to login in order to download it. You might be able to download a test version freely and register it then, I don't know. All in all it's a lot of hassle for a very good software that is so affordable. Software development costs money, consider this. For me this means: Do what you want to do the big A and their annoying subscription model but leave them fine folks at Affinity their daily bread haha Don't take any info as a fact, do your own research, check local laws, don't hold me responsible! Correct me with sources if I'm mistaken.
  5. Here are my export settings, I tried it in AD and AP for iPad and AP for Windows.
  6. Hello there, I attached the project file below, if I export it it has a slight white line at the bottom thats not supposed to be there. I have no clue on why this is. Thanks for your help. 1_flyer.afdesign
  7. The title says it, you might already be aware of this, currently you can not set the starting color with the color picker tool when using a HSL Adjustment. (You can in the Desktop Version though)
  8. At least it’s not just me! Yes 70% of the time I was sure there was no way that I pressed it. But I guessed it must have been my fault. Now that I’m not alone with this I’m starting to question the code instead of me.
  9. For Affinity Photo on iPad. iPad pro 12.9. I keep pressing the develop button over and over again, accidentally, when developing RAW files. Obviously to some part its my fault BUT: • since RAW developing is still destructive (it is, right?) its also about quality.... • working on a touch device should make work easier, or at least not harder. I just can’t concentrate on my work if all thats on my mind is not pressing that develop button. Its just uncomfortable when you’re not able to rest your palm securely on the display without triggering random actions. • that button is triggered on click instead of on release, which makes it even harder - you touched it once, theres no way back! I guess I can wait that split second till I release the button. • I do het that for quick adjustments the button is really well placed, but I kinda take my time when developing and so I would enjoy it much more if that button is in some other simple menu or just placed somewhere else, like on the top. Anyone having the same problem? If developing isn’t destructive anymore or theres a easy fix for this I’d be thankful if you let me know.
  10. Is there a way I can selelct smoot edges, because somehow the selection brush tool avoids them... I just want to select a black logo which has a white background, its has not some sort of difficult shape but yeah, the grey border gets not selected. This has to be possible, right? Maybe there is some simple solution for this, besides zooming in very hard and selecting pixel for pixel... Thank you!
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