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  1. Hi Can I download just the update from the site rather than through the pop up when I open Affinity Photo for Mac? Have tied to update 7 times this morning and it has timed out every time, it then wants to start again from scratch. Tried downloading 1.81 directly, but same problem? Not everyone has super fast broadband and it is a 50 min download here. My internet connection is fine, but slow...have downloaded other updates this morning with no problem.
  2. Sorry I should have made my post clearer; will it allow from the "+" option (where you can start new stack, new HDR etc) direct import to SSD drives, if so I don't have to buy a new laptop 👍 Any rough idea of date of release???
  3. Will the new version allow direct editing to and from ssd drives attached to the ipad without having to import it
  4. Not really practical when dealing with hundreds of images in the field. I actually got it to work from within my iPad files as you suggested, but not from the sd card. Actually having asked Apple they reckon that it is the way Affinity is written, as I can access files directly from my sd card and 4TB hard drive in Filterstorm and Lightroom as I would on a laptop. There are also a number of forum entries from people having the same issue. As I indicated Apple made a great leap forward when allowing IPadOS access to remote drives/hard drives as it makes the IPad as good as a laptop. With this enabled I could use my pad instead of my macbook pro. You have been kind in offering support, thanks. Just need Serif to sort out the file handling routine so that we don't have to drag and drop or import into photos. Its like having a F1 car (Affinity) with a tractor engine. You will get there but slowly!
  5. It doesnt work on my ipad and mine is 100% up to date. I am pointing to when you wish to open a Raw file you cannot yet do it from the opening screen as an option. You can only load from photos or a cloud drive. We should be able to load directly from a disc drive or sdcard...
  6. Any update on this guys? we have a brilliant piece of software, handicapped by having to import to photos or in my case uploading to my WD cloud then importing.
  7. Hi cannot access my photos unless I store them on my WD cloud drive, then access them over a wireless link. PLEASE try to allow us to access SD/USB/SDD from within Affinity as this was the main reason I bought it for the iPad. Other programs do allow me to access the drives within them..
  8. Hi As with all macs you can copy the old files/apps etc to the new device. Unless the Affinity trial only puts a marker in the OS, if that is the case then I will have no problems. No idea why Affinity ran so slow that it took nearly 10s to update an image, but will try on my new machine. I would assume with an 8 core i7 and 32Gb of ram it should work fine.
  9. I downloaded Affinity photo for my 2011 macbook pro. Sadly it was unusable with the graphics being very very slow to refresh. I tried all the tricks in the forum but this made no difference, even though lightroom and photoshop run fast (16Gb memory/500Gb fast SSD) I am going to buy a new mac mini, but would like to download a trial to try out first. How can I obtain a new trial? I will be transfering all my apps across and know that because I have had one trial installed the new trial will not work If I copy the apps across.
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