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  1. The performance of M1 is clearly greater, but could the issue be one of writing for one architecture vs another, and why support 2 if you don’t have to?

    Apple have been pretty good at smoothing the bumps over chip transition. Affinity is stellar at supporting a range of hardware ages.

    If it’s just a speed difference, then to me it’s like, “your Maserati is faster than my Maserati.”

    I rarely wait for anything on this 2017 iPad Pro.

  2. 58 minutes ago, RickyO said:

    I ran into the same issue. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the default setting for inserted filler text be in the 'expanded field' state and make the option be to 'de-expand' it (or a better choice of option title)?  This is the first time I've seen it this way.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks in advance.

    I agree that it makes more sense to enable editing placed text straight away.  In the (my?) typical use case, you place the filler text, then do some level of formatting to it so that it serves the purpose of showing what the real / final  text will look like in the design. 

    I can’t envision a scenario in which you’d place some lorem ipsum, then leave it as-is. 

  3. On 11/19/2021 at 2:00 AM, Alfred said:

    I very much doubt that there will be an iPad version of Publisher specifically for any iPad Pro, with or without the M1 chip. When it comes, I expect APub to work on iPad Air 2 or any newer hardware, just as AD and APh do.

    Not sure what you’re saying here, Alfred. Sounds like you doubt that Affinity Publisher will be released for iPad, but that when it’s released, you expect it to work on iPad Air 2 or newer? Am I reading correctly? Schrodinger’s version of Publisher for iPad?  😉

  4. Thank. you, DM1 - 

    Do you mean that, even when we switch to Pixel person on iPad, we aren’t seeing the full set of raster tools we ought to?

    To be honest, I’m diggin’ the iPad so much, I haven’t used the desktop Affinity tools since Hector was a pup. 

    I look forward to the increase in iPad designer’s UI capability..that and when Publisher for iPad is released..will be a very fine day for artists everywhere…

    Been trying to use Designer the way I’d use Publisher - through the use of artboards. Perhaps others are as well…

  5. I guess the corresponding tool would be Links in a page layout program. I’m assuming that in Designer, Placed raster images are in fact placed, and not parsed.

    Once a raster image is placed in Designer, is there a link from Designer, through iPad OS, to the image file? Or is the image somehow tucked into the Designer file?

    FWIW, the use scenario is: I placed an image in a Designer layout and wanted to touch out some schmutz in the photo. Pixel persona doesn’t appear to have such tools, so Affinity Photo is my next stop. Was hoping Designer could take me to where the file resides.

    Thank you!

  6. This is great for getting the multi-artboard document put to a paper size, which is great and I thank you for this idea.

    However, still remains to be..adjusted is Designer’s ability to put a multi-artboard document to PDF to artboard dimensions, irrespective of electro-mechanical printing machines and / or paper sizes.

    Contrast to the way Pages produces PDFs from a custom-page-size and multi-page document: if your page is 8” x 8” you get a PDF of that dimension. On-screen, viewer sees a square-page PDF, without a margin of “paper” surrounding it. Naturally, were you to print said 8” x 8” PDF onto paper, you’d end up with blank paper surrounding the live area.

    If I understand correctly, Designer should  be able to do this, but at this time, is unable to do so.

  7. I began a multi-page document in the Pages app in which the pages are square..IIRC, they are 8” square. I made a PDF from this document which I opened in Designer to complete the project. Everything looks great in Designer - the artboards are indeed square - but PDFs made from this document are cut off vertically. When I resize the document, I’m not shown square-page dimensions!

    Where is Designer taking its marching orders from in terms of page size?


    Thank you!

  8. Why would this be? If one is in full screen mode, and one creates a new document, why wouldn't the newly-created document appear visually on the screen of the computer where the newly-created document was created?

    When I exited full screen, I could see 8 untitled documents - my 8 attempts to Create New.

    Does apple need to improve things to enable software to show things in full screen mode?

    Thank you

  9. Not for me..I upgraded the other day to 1.10.2. Just went into the same document where I’d discovered the bug, and tried again to enter a Custom leading value. Type had been at 24pt leading. I typed 32. The result was 7.7!

    To be methodical and scientific, I made a fresh document, a text frame, and into it pasted a bit of lorem ipsum. type was at 13.9 upon pasting - a curious value, imo. I went to leading > custom, typed 32, and the value of  297.4 was returned.

    If it would be helpful, I’m happy to take a screen recording of this, then upload the file used to make the recording.

  10. 13 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

    Perhaps it's an iPadOS 15 issue? There have been others.

    I was using the new Designer Beta (1.10.2/1.10.16) when I tried it, but I'm only on iPadOS 14.8. You might try the Beta, which has fixed at least one issue related to iPadOS 15.

    Works in the Beta, Walt, as you suspected. I noticed instantly when I made guides (in the beta) the appearance of the trash can on the guides panel. I don’t see the trash can in the non-beta version.

    Guess I’ll have to wait for the devs to go fetch the Flit…

  11. I’m trying this right now. made a new document, made a horizontal and a vertical guide. they now appear as blue lines. when I tap and hold on either line, I get none of the options you mention. Guides are visible and unlocked.

    Designer 1.10.1, iPad OS 15.02

    when I tap and hold with either arrow, I see a blue dot, registering my tap and hold. when I release I get the standard Deselect - Copy - Cut - Paste, but none of these choices affects the guides.

    thank you!

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