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  1. Designer has become unreliable. In the last hour alone it has crashed 4 times (I'm doing some simple wireframing in the latest App Store version). What was a rock solid product has become, well, Adobe-esque. This isn't why I moved to Affinity a year ago, and spent the last year convincing designers to do the same. I knew in my heart this would happen eventually. You've now more products, more features and another platform to support. In the moment of a crash I'm angry. Then sad. I'm back where I was when I was using Photoshop. Still a great Affinity team of lovely people. But in too much of a rush or spread too thin.
  2. Hello "import PSD text as text rather than bitmap" Please can we have an option to EXPORT as text! It's driving me crazy when it comes to hand-off with devs :(
  3. +1 for on device live preview! Anything in the pipeline? What are people using at the moment? Cheers.
  4. Just posting to add a request for this too. I'm guessing that exporting a psd without editable text is stopping designers truely leaving photoshop behind as clients and developers use photoshop. I'm in purgatory here. Although I do appreciate that this may well be a big undertaking to impliment. :)
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