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  1. Hi Gabe, I have been experiencing the same issue since updating to 1.7.2 Does it happen when you work on the same(set) files Any file. Mainly noticed with .aphoto files Can you replicate it? It is randomised Where do you save those files? On iCloud. However this has never been an issue before. File first saves on the SSD, then immediately uploads to the cloud. What MacOS version have you got? macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G95) Are you using any embedded documents? Yes, PNG with transparency or embedded aphoto files. Is the folder you save into syned with any cloud service? Yes iCloud.
  2. Hi. I am experiencing the exact same issue but with saving a standard Affinity Photo file. It is also randomised just like Doren mentioned above. The 'saving document' dialog box has been on my screen for a good 10 minutes now. Running the latest version.
  3. I am experiencing the exact same issue but with Affinity Photo (but on a MacBook) The Saving Document dialog box appears to be frozen for 5-10 minutes until the bar finally increases and then completes its save within 5 seconds. It is only within the latest Affinity Photo update that I started experiencing this issue.
  4. A feature in animation software Hype is bundled with it's iOS software that sends live previews of your animation and timeline scrub straight to your iOS device. Such a feature could be useful particularly when creating UI for iOS devices. I'm hoping someone comes in here and tells me it already exists. :lol:
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