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  1. Extended HSL luminance problem

    because according to the current design L=0, then hiding the L brightness channel is equivalent to hiding all the Lab channels at the same time. In fact, L=0 almost lost APh channel viewing capability in the LAB color space! Same operation, different results.
  2. Extended HSL luminance problem

    The current APh Lab channel uses the L=0 algorithm when hiding the L-lightness channel, which is very unfavorable for image viewing (in ab hue). The user-friendly method is to use L=128, which will provide great visibility. Improvement just change a value of the code, this should not be too difficult. Adobe uses the same approach L=128 or L=0 should this be the case?These modification are by design/intentional?
  3. Extended

    Drag to Rotate

    Because the canvas adjustment is instantaneous, all pixels are processed dynamically, which is equivalent to refreshing the execution rotation every second. The rotation layer is static, allowing more performance to be used to improve quality, static only once.
  4. Extended

    Drag to Rotate

    Have you noticed that the quality of APH Rotate is extremely bad, if you compare Adobe. It is 15 degrees, I guess one of the reasons is because the Rotate of smaller degrees will produce lower quality. This is the truth, If you don't understand, please try to rotate 15 degrees multiple times. When the image is 90 degrees and 180 degrees, the quality is significantly improved.
  5. Extended

    DAM Feature

    I don't know if this helps...
  6. Hi! Thanks to the developer for their contribution. Merry Christmas! In most cases, the performance of affinity photo is excellent. But I noticed that in some cases it is slow I used a 100 million pixels Lab/16 canvas to create twenty layers. The save of large-area modifications is extremely slow or even horrible. This is not a bug or a computer problem. Large-size (1000+) brushes are slow. Because of the lack of hardware acceleration At the same time I use the macos version, the speed after 1.7 is amazing, the filter responds in time without any lag, and everything is attributed to metal acceleration (in macos 1.7 metal) Please consider adding Lab/8 support to provide a faster preview than lab/16, especially in the current missing gpu acceleration. I will continue to use affinity photos in macos mojave (metal2 api)
  7. Extended

    Drag to Rotate

    I also noticed this problem, your suggestion is very useful, this is exactly what I want. I also noticed that the program only uses bilinear reduction canvas, as far as I know there are higher quality algorithms. But they all need gpu hardware support, including rotation at any angle, this is a hardware transformation. Because APh There has been a lack of gpu support, so shrinking the canvas and rotating the canvas provide limited performance, they should be improved in the future, after supporting gpu
  8. Extended

    Selection tools : no improvements

    It is almost certain that there is no support for gpu acceleration. I have some knowledge of computer graphics. In order to achieve gpu acceleration, must use the GPGPU application interface, because the Windows version of APH only uses DX11 for rendering images to the screen buffer. So GPU acceleration does not exist. I heard that they are doing windows gpu acceleration, I know the code takes time. I seem to break the rules of the forum, thank you for reminder
  9. Extended

    Selection tools : no improvements

    Gpu acceleration is an important feature missing in the Windows version of APH. gpu acceleration provides at least 10 times the speed, high-performance gpu acceleration is necessary. I also use the macos version of APH, where the metal has been significantly accelerated since 1.7, making full use of the powerful gpu. APH for windows can not effectively use gpu, which is a huge speed difference As far as I know, Adobe PS uses openCL, openCV, and openGL to speed up their applications on Windows, while APH for windows is empty. APH for macos metal gpu acceleration provides 10x speed for tools and filters and editing, sometimes even more The lack of gpu acceleration is slow in many cases, which is why gpu acceleration is so important, it is indispensable
  10. Extended

    Selection tools : no improvements

    Some current performance defects...
  11. Yes, I understand. I heard that you are already doing this work. How do you plan to support it in the future? By cuda or something else? Thanks.