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  1. Until I ran across this thread, I'd forgotten I'd been thinking of doing something like this. Very nice. Now I just need to remember what I wanted it for. Too bad I can't ask for help on that...
  2. Very helpful! I agree that having it in pdf form (or epub, which might be better) would be a good thing. Personally, I have little use these days for large books, since they require a lot of room to lay out. Either that, or opening and closing the thing all the time. I'd rather have it on my tablet. Oh, and lugging my old and heavy laptop is bad enough, without carrying a book that weighs about as much as the laptop.
  3. Good morning! (you can thank J. R. R. Tolkien for this bit...I read The Hobbit about a dozen times in 1970...heheh) Anyway, I'm very pleased to have found the Affinity programs. I've been using Photoshop for around twenty years, and have been really annoyed at having to keep paying and paying and paying. Affinity Photo, so far, is doing everything for me that Photoshop has been doing., and faster Any minute now, I'll be buying AP and AD...and, of course, canceling the CC sub. I'm sure this forum will be very helpful. Mika - You have some serious talent! If you hadn't said you're
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