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  1. Please, give us back the previous version! Photo 1.7.0 is not working at all! It takes a life to merge down just 1 layer with Clarity/Unsharp/Denoise sublayers. It's not able to run Batch Job with Macro either. I've seen so many complains in the forum about this version that you should go back to the last previous version. Hurry up! We depend on this app to work.
  2. Duda Covett

    Affinity Photo Raw Histogram

    OK, better than nothing
  3. Duda Covett

    Affinity Photo Raw Histogram

    I think Kesbabe is totally right. Serif took more than 2 years to fix the Histogram issue? Come on! I just recorded a video about this issue but I came here first to this forum to see what was already posted, before posting my video. SO, watch the video to see that the issue has not been completely fixed. If you apply a Tone Curve on Develop Assist it doesn't change the histogram, not in the 1.6 version nor in the beta version. I'm a pro photographer and histogram is essential for my work, both in camera and editing. Serif, please, make it simple but do it well! I made a decision last year and I don't wanna go back to Adobe. I moved to Serif for the sake of principles and I would like to keep my position. Histogram_1.mov
  4. Tamsin22, it works but I think you should be aware of what is happening with your image. The benefit of working with a RAW file is that it's an uncompressed and unprocessed file. That means that you have all control of your image and you are working on a "pure" file. Processed by the camera, JPG files will have sharpening, contrast, tone etc applied to it in camera. That's why JPG and RAW of the same image look different. RAW files looks washed out because there is no contrast, saturation, sharpening etc. applied to it, unlike JPG files. If you set the Tone Curve "on", you will let the machine decide for you what is better for your image. This may be convenient but it's not recommended.
  5. Hi Cosme, I'm not facing any problem to accentuate in Portuguese. What font are you using? I'm using Arial and Helvetica Neue. Oi Cosme, eu não estou encontrando nenhum problema em acentuar palavras em Português. Qual font vc está usando? Eu estou usando Arial e Helvetica Neue.
  6. I'm not sure if I understood the issue of this report. When I create a Master Page I can select the pages of my document I want to apply it. Then I can up date the Master or clear it on each page. I guess I'm not following you guys.

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