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  1. Simon_DK

    Data merge

    I have bought APh and ADe for both mac and iPad, but can't get myself to buy APu before mail merge is implemented. Its pretty much useless to me until then - and as others have stated, Adobe gets my money each month because of this single missing feature. Come on Serif!
  2. Simon_DK

    Mail Merge

    No mail merge yet? K bye! Have bought all Serif apps for both mac + iOS, but publisher is worthless to me without mail merge. About 90% of my work (postcards, invitations, 1-1 personal letters etc.) needs data merging of some kind, so i'll need to stick with inDesign and their subscription for now
  3. Simon_DK

    Affinity Photo brush artifacts

    Hi Lee Thanks! I have made a 5 min recording while doodling. In the first canvas all is good, but in the second one (abort 2.5 minutes in) the artifacts pops up all the time. Just for good measure I will try and make a fresh install. screenrecording_12-02-2018_19-22-44.mp4
  4. Whenever I use brushes I get some weird artifacts, i.e. gaps, corners etc. in the strokes. When I zoom in or out, the brush stroke is rendered correctly, but during the artifacts pops in and out randomly. When I make multiple strokes the artifacts will often be rendered the same places. The timing of the artifacts seems completely random, they can happen at first stroke in a brand new document, or after a little bit of work. Although the artifacts does not change the end result, it is highly confusing to use the app, as the pop out randomly and take away my focus from what i’m doing. I use a 11” iPad Pro iOS 12.1 and AP The bugs happens with but touch and pencil use.. In the attached image therese are 2 holes in the stroke. If I were to zoom in or out a little, the would disaapear, but would usually reappear when making new strokes.

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