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  1. My printer is very poor! That's why I was wondering if anyone had experience in publishing or something.
  2. Thanks @GabrielM. I'm still afraid that less than 20-25 won't see anything, even in very good print...
  3. Hi, there. I would like advice from those who have already had professional experience with printing from Affinity. I'm working with the noise effect/filter on Affinity, on a file at 300dpi for a 1:1 print scale. What is the lowest value of the noise that I can use to be visible in print? And, vice versa, is there a very high value that disturbs printing? Thanks so much!
  4. Same thing if I simply change the size of the brush. The best thing would be like in Photoshop: right-click to change the size of the brush, and it is still highlighted in the brushes panel. :)
  5. The question was from 2016! The problem (or bug?) is still there... (AD Windows desktop) Is there at least one way to save the current brush as a new one?
  6. @Mithferion Thank you for the symbols tips!!! For the other things I'll answer you later, in the meantime thanks!
  7. Thank you for your feedback too. Let's keep our eyes open for next updates and our fingers crossed!
  8. Hello! I'm Elisa and 'm an illustrator based in Italy. Sorry about my scholastic English, please! I would like to switch definitively from Illustrator and Photoshop to Affinity. It's a while that I work with Affinity Designer Desktop, and this is my feedback. There are some useful features, for example I love switch between vector and pixel, trasparency tool and overall the software is fast. And paying a human price without resorting to piracy is the best for me. But there are some things that are unfortunately a nightmare... I will try to list them. Work with symbols is discouraging; really if I hide a symbol, every symbol instance are hidden?! Or If I move to back a symbol, every symbol instance are moved to back?! That is unthinkable for a pro! Another annoyng thing is switch through the blending mode. Really floating with the mouse arrow on each blending mode (for real-time preview) allows you to save more time than a fast keyboard shortcut?! Then...sadly export to PSD is useless if text layers are rasterized... And again... loading fonts only at program startup is frustrating. In Illustrator, if I install a new font, it recognizes it in real time, without restarting the program. There would be other drawbacks, but for now I'm stopping here. Unfortunately, if the updates were constant, these things would be solved. If I am wrong and you have the solution to these shortcomings, you will be welcome and my saviors! I trust the developers, come on!
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