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  1. A restart of my laptop got the Affinity products starting again. I've disabled hardware accelleration for all three and will continue my experiments trying to find more conditions to the issue I've been experiencing
  2. @NathanC Thanks pointing me to the Start and Press-Hold-CTRL bringing up the Clear data dialogue. Unfortunately clear all does not resolve my issue with Designer stalling during start. The odd thing is: it occured just like that. One moment I'm working with Designer, another moment it crashes (seemingly for ever). Once I got Designer c.s. on their feet again, I'll try and disable hardware accelleration.
  3. Okay, here's the deal: Affinity Designer crashes on the following sequence: AD is open with a very simple design holding only two bitmap images that I intend to trace into vector I want to add another bitmap from the web. From my browser Vivaldi I copy the desired bitmap image Alt-tab back to Designer and Presto: Designer has lost its senses and shows an endless spinning arrow (hourglass) indicating it is busy Designer will remain busy for far too long, longer than I am prepared to wait.
  4. So, Designer crashed somehow and when I try to start it again it stalls endlessly. What can I do to force Designer to start at a blanc? Is there some commandline option that I should use? Is there a file or folder that I should remove in order to make Designer start again?
  5. Yep, once Preferences - Spelling checking is set to Dutch language, Dutch is also the set language in the Character panel. "It's all Dutch to me" I suspect a bug and opened a new query, as this thread initially started about search and replace in existing text.
  6. I tried adding the following lines to the nl_NL.aff MAP ‘( ') MAP “( ") But this didn't do the trick either
  7. I've got the Dutch spelling checking in place now according to FAQ, but the typographic quotes are stil wrong. If this is something that could be fixed in the editable .aff file, then I'd be happy to learn. Edit: Note that I in fact completely lost the typographic quotes. Edit2: Correction. The typographic quotes are there alright. it's the Arial font that doesn't have 'sexy' quotes.
  8. BTW, I did a small experiment where I added an autocorrect to the English language: replace „ with “ But this did not change a thing. Apparently the autocorrect into typographic quotes is executed after the autocorrect from the list.
  9. There is no Dutch language spelling checking, so I left it at default English. Is there a way to create one's own spelling checking configuration? I could start with setting the desired typographic quotation marks and add common typo's as I go.
  10. @walt.farrell When I type: The man said: "Watch out!", autocorrect inserts lower opening apostrophes and upper closing apostrophes. In Dutch language opening and closing apostrophes are both of type upper. Is there a way to setup autocorrect such that it inserts user defined opening and closing quotes?
  11. I take that back. I decided to regenerate the TOC as well as the PDF and the hyperlinks did materialise in all the PDF-viewers I've got. Possibly, something had gone bad while fiddling with the TOC I generated earlier.
  12. I'm using 1.8.3 and I have generated a nice TOC, which shows the right page numbers. But when I export the document to PDF (digital, high quality) with the option include hyperlinks enabled, the resulting PDF does not show TOC hyperlinks in Acrobat Reader DC, PDF-XChange Editor or the browsers Edge or Vivaldi. Did I miss some other option or should I add the hyperlinks manually?
  13. New downloads NOT to the NAS, but the local drive solved the issue. Both installations went along just fine.
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