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  1. @MEB Thank you! I didn't even realise.
  2. Trimmed version is doing fine. I think I've got it. Thanks, all.
  3. Right. I guess I need to look further. Meanwhile I've run into this piece of rope that does a pretty good job when turned into a brush. But it doesn't do well taking sharp bends. Possibly because of its relative length. Maybe I should try and trim it?
  4. I'm quite new to Affinity Designer and also new to the concept of brushes in giving line drawings a 'pattern'. I need to draw a curvy piece of rope and I think (but I'm not sure) that creating a vector brush is the way to go. I've found this rope piece (SVG) on the internet and I am wondering how I should turn this into a brush that I can use for my drawing. rope-piece.svgrope-piece.svg Is it possible to create a brush from vector parts or does it HAVE to be based upon a bitmap as demonstrated in a couple of video's?
  5. Got that too, using the text ruler. But, I had to make the same settings thrice. Surely there would have been an easier way to do this? Is there a 'paste layout' like MS Word's [ctrl][shift][v] ?
  6. So, I need to define a new paragraph style "Bullet list"... Got it. Thanks.
  7. While experimenting with the Publisher Beta, I can't seem to get my bullet lists right. The bullets are not indented and the list items are not tabbed. How do I configure bullet lists?
  8. Those first words came as a shock to me thinking I'd purchased the wrong tool, but then I started watching the Artboards tutorial videos. I think that Artboards will do nicely. Thank you
  9. I'm new to Designer and I can't seem to find the option to create multiple pages in a document. Can anyone give me a hint?