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  1. Thanks for the info, Gabe. I still don't quite get why setting the double taps to "off" in system prefs is ignored within the app. BTW, no other app I use continues to allow double taps to function in this manner.
  2. Just adding a second to this. I’m experiencing all kinds of frustrating behaviors due to this: gradients get reversed, text selections deselecting, etc. I posted about this in a separate thread. The system-wide setting to disable double taps on the pencil has no effect.
  3. emptyful

    Import from Photos ignores edits

    No, these are images (created in other apps) saved to my Photos library. Add a filter in Photos (NOT Affinity Photo - the naming overlap here is ridiculous), then import from within AP= no filter on the imported image. Not a huge issue, but incorrect nonetheless.
  4. Images imported from Apple Photos into Affinity Photo do not include any edits, like filters or curves edits. This is on a 3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9”.
  5. emptyful

    AD does not respect double tap settings

    But... shouldn’t it be irrelevant what your devs do? An OS-level setting should be just that: a means to enable or disable a feature system-wide. Is this actually on Apple in this case?
  6. I have set the Apple Pencil 2 Double Tap settings to “Off.” Double Tap continues to switch tools in Designer despite this.
  7. emptyful

    Sketch on iPad Pro?

    For really basic sketching, I've always found Apple's Notes app to have, hands down, the best "feel." Purely subjective, and I also use Procreate, but there's a couple more pennies for you.
  8. I think I'm smellin' what your steppin' in, R C-R. Thanks for your help.
  9. OK, here's another bit of information. I have another .afdesign file who's icon appears in the Affinity Designer folder on my iCloud drive, but the file itself is actually in my Documents folder (also on the iCloud Drive - notice how you can just see the "In Documents" note beneath the filename? I'm guessing that's a symlink or alias or some such, right?) That file DOESN'T exhibit the behavior (double-click opens it in Designer), and the right-click menu gives no option for which program to open it with. See the attached images. Hopefully I haven't just confused things even more.
  10. Hi Dan - thanks for the welcome! I tried your suggestion (pretty sure I tried it before) - still no go. When I double click an .afdesign file, it opens in Photo. I also have folders with identical icons in my iCloud Drive for both designer and Photo. Things are weird. (see image) gregspiral - thanks for your help. I've been doing exactly the same procedure that you show in your videos. It was one file, started on the iPad, then edited extensively on my mac, that was failing to sync. I ended up closing it on the iPad (from within Designer), then importing the new file from my iCloud drive. Worked fine, and has been syncing properly since. Mysterious and a bit unsettling.
  11. emptyful

    Move tool keeps transforming

    New member here, just adding my 2 cents. I LOVE Designer on the iPad, but this behavior is maddening. I'm running out of new and creative swears.
  12. I created an account specifically to reply here. I am experiencing the EXACT same problem as the original poster, but I don't have the Publisher beta installed. I'm also experiencing a lack of proper syncing between the iPad and mac versions of Designer, and am wondering if this bug is the culprit. This is client work that NEEDS to both sync properly, and be safeguarded against data loss. I would sleep easier knowing that my files and data are being properly safeguarded. EDIT: apologize for the size of that screen recording. Just dragged it in. Screen Recording 2018-11-07 at 1.59.37 PM.mov