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  1. I'm having a similar problem with this when I'm printing this file, around the camper's head I have a strange colouring around the head, I even tried using the mask to hide the outline to no avail Medeba Newfor 2019 Insert.pdfMedeba Newfor 2019 Insert.afdesign
  2. just updated today, and I'm having the same problem... only 2 jpegs on page 4 of 12page document is exporting as inverted colours... not sure why but it's doing it I'm using the flatten as a workaround and it works for what I'm doing
  3. it would be fantastic to be able to make the background different sizes, like a .125" padding or something like that
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or how it is designed, when I was adding a mask on an image to create a gradient, solid fill in the page to a nice transparent edge, when I would export the file the bleed area would not have the mask applied, one workaround I found was to shrink the picture to the document size, add a mask, then resize (cumbersome and difficult to line up) the other way was to apply the mask how I wanted it, then resize it to include the bleed area. then it would show up properly upon export. can we have it so when we add a mask on something it applies to the whole object and not just to the object within the spread/page area to account for bleed? Thanks
  5. Carl 123 Nope I didn't mean for that to happen thanks for catching it... I'm still in my beta release as well =)
  6. yes it's a brochure so it is rather large, page 7 I have an example box it seems to be not working the best when top aligned... also I'm not sure how to get the white transparent background off of the red diagonal box on page 7 I don't see where I have made a background for the text box, the table in the file I had to play with it for a long time to get the text to sit right in it. summer_brochure.afpub
  7. hey this alignment issue is happening, when I close and re-open the program it sometimes fixes itself
  8. that's frustrating, it works just fine for me now too, I'll try and see if it starts not working again and I'll think back to what I was doing before
  9. just trying to copy a simple text box and paste it by selecting it in the layer panel, it is not working (using cmd c) using mouse clicks it will work
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