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  1. I want the multi column text / span column feature too +1
  2. When I work on multiple PC programs at the same time, Designer stops functioning properly. For it to work again I have to close the document and reopen it. If I have multiple documents open it affects them all and for these functions to work again I have to close all documents and reopen. It is not necessary to restart Designer though. The following functions are missing when this problem occours: Panning, via the spacebar shortcut, the middle mouse button, or even the view tool (hand) Scrubby Zoom All other ways of zooming and panning are working. Thanks in advance Windows 10 Version 1909 Build 18363.77 Designer 8.1
  3. Hello, I´m an editorial designer, and for me creating, managing and rearranging guides is basic, I found that even Illustrator lacks this and the only software I use which has this right is InDesign. I hope that Publisher and hopefully Designer as well might benefit from devs having this reconsidered. I have seen the tutorials for Publisher and I found it crazy when the instructor just dragged guides out from the rulers by the eye. Professionals don't work like that, we set up guide systems in a rational and exact way. You can see this in the "master pages" video tutorial for Publisher. I know you can do this via the guides manager but it is one guide a the time right? or maybe I am missing something. I -as many who are interested and suggesting stuff- hope Serif and the Affinity line can work things up to the level where there is no Creative Software Monopoly. Thanks
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