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  1. Hello! As I was using cmd J, all of my work suddenly tilted as shown below. Command Z is not fixing it. Neither is selecting all and doing it manually. The white board remains tilted. Any idea how to get it back to normal please? Thanks!
  2. Thanks to both of you. @GarryP I've never heard of the "container document" concept before. Would you mind telling me a bit more about it please?
  3. Hello. I have copied the same object countless times as seen below. It is now a very heavy and slow document to work with. Is there a way to take all of the layers that made this collage and merge into just one object while keeping it a vector? I know I can rasterize them, but then I will lose clarity when it is large. Thanks!
  4. Dear @NotMyFault @Callum Thank you for your suggestions. No, I'm not trying to drum up traffic to a website that isn't working correctly by tricking you. I have been hunting for many nights for a problem that only happens sometimes and is inconsistent. I am having a legitimate technical issue that has no clear explanation. All of my images are created in the native settings and they are all exported with the same settings and yet sometimes come out one way on their own and sometimes another, CMYK vs JPG. TBC, for some inexplicable reason, in the export process some are being exported as RGB while others are being exported as CMYK, even from the same file and source material and even when I do not change the settings. That is the real problem. Why is the program sometimes exporting one way and sometimes another from the same file? AND... more importantly, how can I control it so that they all always export as they are designed but in an RGB format? Below are two examples, one of 4 images in Preview showing the export differences, and the two images on the bottom, which have their settings shown and there is no difference, yet they are still coming out differently online. FYI, Since typing the above, it seems I have found a way to control the export to get the images as they are designed. However, prior to lots of experimentation the above is still true, which is that exports were coming out both ways on their own even when I did not change them, which is shown in the two images with rainbow hair below. If you look at the link, you will see the same image is sometimes coming out correctly on my website and sometimes washed out. It is the same original file / source. In some of the images I even added screenshots of the "color" pop-up settings window and "preferences" window." http://michaeltronngallery.com/the-art/zzz-some-work-some-dont-all-settings-shown/ FYI These superhero images illustrate the export settings problem. I did not change this manually. The software did this on its own. The images below are identical with identical settings and yet are still coming out differently as is obvious. CONTINUED AFTER MULTIPLE TRIALS: While the screenshot "Export for Affinity Photo" was suggested, AD does not have the same options in the drop down as shown. HOWEVER, I tried some things and was able to find something similar that seems to give me the control in the export while maintaining the dark black and color integrity. FINALLY! That said, I do think that there could possibly be a glitch in AD exporting that is the root of all this to begin with since I have never changed any settings to create or export any work, and the print versions and online versions have always been identical up till this week. Also, please, can you tell me what does "resample" mean? It is shown in a screenshot too. THANK YOU!
  5. I am trying to the art I create in AD to show up correctly on my website. All the native settings of AD are what I create in. When. I export in the native settings, sometimes it comes out correctly on my website, sometimes the images comeout washed out. If you want to really help me, you can look at I have spent the last 3 nights aiming to get it to work and I am totally stumped. The colors are subtle so redoing everything in RGB is not the answer, it has to somehow work the way it was created. HELP PLEASE! THANK YOU!
  6. Hi! The images I create in Affinity Designer are not coming out correctly when I upload them to my website. Does anyone know what the optimal settings for displaying art / graphic design on a website (Wix) are? Things are coming out lighter and less vibrant. Thanks!
  7. Hi, This is weird... The brightness of the color wheel changes from one file to another and I cannot see why. It is especially noticeable on the greens, blues and pinks. Any ideas please? Thanks!
  8. @AliI have to be honest, your comments are VERY CONDESCENDING. THAT SAID.... people who are advanced know it. I have a design in my head that only an advanced person would be able to do. If that is not you, there is no need for you to keep criticizing me. Maybe in the UK there are loads of AD experts but here there are almost none. In fact, everyone I tell about Serif and the Affinity programs has never heard of them. I have done the entire AD workbook, but it barely scratches the surface. There are people who know they are advanced and are willing to help or not. It's obviously not you, so I cannot fathom why you have taken the time to keep correcting what I am saying to everyone else. Please help politely or don't, but please stop with the nit-picking. Thanks ever so much.
  9. Incidentally I am decent at AD and have sold my work, but I cannot get to the next level. And the teaching support is akin to that of a unicorn.
  10. The concern is that there are no people here to work with or learn from. Once I know people who can teach or help, I will be showcasing the wares of AD fabulously! How else would you suggest it be put?
  11. @GarryP Thank you! I have changed it to: Hello. I'm looking for Affinity Design pros to help me realize my vision for an art and animated project. I am looking to showcase the hardware and artistry of colleagues and I am finding them quite rare in the US. Any help or intros would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks. Since you seem to know about this, is it ok to have it be like this: michael (at) michaeltronn dot com Or is it still prone to being harvested? Thanks!
  13. I literally just watched a video on this exact subject today and it said that while it would seem to invite spam, it rarely does. I would like to believe that anyone on the forums for something as specific as AD are not phishing for spam emails.
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