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  1. Restarting seems to have solved the problem. But thank you Polygonius!
  2. It seems to be working now that I've rebooted the computer and started everything up fresh. THANK YOU!
  3. I've just installed the Publisher beta, but haven't been able to figure out how to manage my fonts in it, and it is largely useless to me until I do. I'm on a late-2013 iMac running El Capitan. I have thousands of fonts stored in a folder in my User folder. I use Font Explorer X Pro to manage them. Publisher only sees the fonts in Font Explorer's "system fonts" folder, which is only a tiny number of the fonts Font Explorer manages. It does see other my Font Explorer font set classifications, it just doesn't see fonts within those sets that aren''t in the FEX system folder. Does anyone know how to set things up so I can get Publisher to see the other fonts? Is the problem Publisher or Font Explorer?