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  1. I've been using Affinity Design Beta for a while now and have downloaded all the brushes that I use regularly in my work. My question is: Once this Beta is over will Affinity design simply transition into the current product. Whereby I can keep using Affinity Design as I currently have it set up with all my brushes, or must I redownload a new Affinity design and start all over again ?
  2. First of all Big Thanks to you Dan C , for looking into my problem. I spent some time playing with Affinity Design controls and buttons after I posted the problem I was having with brushes. I discovered in view on top menu that I had my brushes unticked. Once I checked brushes I had all my normal brushes back again. Thanks again for your help Dan C
  3. Thanks . Hope to find solution
  4. This isn't the beta version . This is the current full version. I made the mistake of downloading several brushes so I 'm not sure which brush set may have caused my problem. I decided to uninstall Affinity Design then reinstall but I'm finding that the brush with the seven lines keeps returning when I open pixel persona.
  5. Recently downloading brushes from Affinity forum now the pixel persona will only display one brush. I tried to uninstall and reinstall but it still doesn't work correctly . I only have one working brush that has five lines when I switch to pixel persona. See PNG below.
  6. I've decided to test Affinity Publisher in the real world. I own all your current products, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and most of your former products; Craftartist , Draw plus, Abby fine reader, Movie, and yes, Serif Page plus X9. I used Serif Page Plus to complete my second picture book. And Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher for my third . You can take a look at the cover on Amazon " Learning Rectangles Side by Side" So far I am very pleased with every product I've ever purchased from Serif and Affinity. Can't wait for Affinity Publisher release. Bravo and thank you
  7. Every time I attempt to close Affinity Designer it tells me to wait because a file is downloading. Is anyone else having this problem ? And if so have you found a solution?

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