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  1. So where is the trace function? Inkscape seems totally dead now and there is no way around Adobe on Mac if one needs to trace bitmaps it seems. Or are there any good news on that feature yet?
  2. Hei there, I just "discovered" today more or less by accident, how straightforward it is to adjust white balance in Final Cut with a LUT from Affinity Photo. I made a short video demonstrating the process for those who stil not have discovered this feature: https://youtu.be/NEKFcxrG3Gc
  3. Options like this would actually make Affinity an alternative to Adobe. Now one has to use Illustrator, no use bothering with Affinity apps (I own them but was too optimistic). Export to Motion would be so amazing.
  4. I did not test the app further before release, purchased it and... NIK filters still are not possible to use (license is not recognized). So that is STILL the SAME problem. Makes app useless for me regarding photo. I do not use many filters, only Filter Forge and NIK. but these are probably essential to many. So what is holding Affinity back making it possible to use them?
  5. Does export basic layers (no nesting into groups/folders). Would be really good if folders could be maintained.
  6. I am also looking for an option to quickly adjust smoothing (using it in Harmony all the time, really very useful). Else: in AD the pixel persona can be used for drawing/"writing" and there is an app called Curio, that might be useful to you, but there currently is no app that really can do all this well AFAIK. (and agree regarding Sketchbook, why they cripple app like this is hard to understand, it is great for drawing)
  7. Toon Boom Harmony (has many useful drawing tools). Thanks for explanation.
  8. A follow-up question: when dividing a shape whith a line, can I fill both resulting divisions with different color or do I have to create a shape fitting into the bigger one to achieve this (in another app I am using, I can just draw a line and that will automatically create sub-zones so I wonder how to do it best in Affinity).
  9. When drawing more complex shapes, I typically use several lines to get fluid forms. In Affinity I am looking for a way to fuse such lines into 1 line/ curve, with the aim to fill the inside. "Add-function does not give wishful result, and it seems there is no "snap"-function when overlapping the end points. Is it currently possible or would it count as feature request maybe?
  10. When using thin lines, it is often really hard/ almost impossible to see the cursor. Is there any option to set it to a cross, not the brush shape?
  11. So far I could not find a way to set app that way, after drawing a shape, app continues in that mode (mouse down will begin new shape). I have been using Sketch a lot and there the shape can be selected after drawing which is much more relevant. Can Affinity be set to do this too (or at least place select tool button at a better accessible site on screen?) Thanks.
  12. Do not get it to work pressure sensitivity here either (also, I can draw with the eraser on the wacom pen in same way like with the tip).
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