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    peterterhorst got a reaction from Madame in Wikipedia   
    I edited the Dutch Wikipedia page of photo editing to add Affinity Photo: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digitale_beeldbewerking
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    peterterhorst reacted to Sam Grove in Image editing in Affinity Publisher   
    I was looking for the ability to edit images in Publisher ( by accessing an external image editor (Affinity Photo) as can be done in PagePlus.
    Is that a feature yet to come?
    I was checking that out because I found that accessing Affinity Photo from within PagePlus revealed a bug. When I finished editing an image in Affinity Photo, I have to close the program so the image will be released on PagePlus.
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    peterterhorst reacted to NauticalMile in Call me dumb, but....   
    Been using PagePlus for almost 15 years, merging from PP9 to "Publisher". Have spent hours trying to figure out simple things. What made PP nice was its speed and simplicity, wiling to continue trying but afraid the new Publisher will just be "Another program" because it its complexity. No quick "lock objects" feature, can't right-click to highlight a text box, no "undo" button on the toolbar, no right click to "undo" or cut something.... stuff like that made PP fast to work with. Even the simple & quick zoom features have been removed.  In PP I could click outside of a page to return the cursor to an arrow, in Publisher you have to go to the toolbar and manually click back to an arrow. Little things like this add a lot of working time. A 2 hour project will now take 3. That's a big deal to publishers.
    Been using desktop publishing daily for 15 years and I've spent over an hour in Affinity trying to create a text document, still can't get it right. Stuck on spacing. No matter where I look I can't find how to set or modify spacing. It's set to 1.5 line spacing. A publishing program shouldn't be this difficult to use or figure out.....  (Link below)
    Moderators- please consider simplicity in a complex world. This is what built your company:)
    Tried to upload image to explain, forum would no allow- look here: http://www.thegriffithsgroup.com/publisher
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    peterterhorst reacted to Glyphs in Text processing in Publisher   
    For now, I am only using Publisher to paste text I already created in a text processing application, but it would be easier if I could create the text directly in Publisher. For this, I would need a text processing environment directly in Publisher, like in Adobe PageMaker. Is it possible to implement such a function in a future release?
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    peterterhorst reacted to BtB in Open PagePlus (*.ppp) files   
    Got a library of hundred of these (version X6) that regularly get updated. Will they be supported? Haven't spotted any reference to this in anything I've read. Hope I've just missed it.
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    peterterhorst reacted to Phil Martin in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    I need to import .docx files and do not want to resave them as RTF. Briefly, please -- what file formats can be used for import or drag-and-drop?
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    peterterhorst reacted to Gabe Logan in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    Is it possible to open indd files? How?
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    peterterhorst reacted to Jens Koopmann in Why (unfortunately) Publisher cannot replace Page Plus for me   
    I was really looking forward to Publisher as a future proof replacement auf Page Plus X9 and was very excited when the first beta came out.
    Unfortunately I have to conclude for myself, that Publisher makes creating my documents much more complicated than Page Plus, which is why I won't jump on the train - at least for now.
    But let me explain why...
    Page Plus has been my DTP software in the past few years whenever I needed to layout photobooks, which also contained text. So my publications are very image centric.
    I love Page Plus, because I can preload all my images into the Source File Pane where they are always at my hand, whenever I want to insert one into the publication or whenever I want to exchange an exitisting picture. Also I can always see which images I already used and which ones are still available. It behaves a bit like photobook-software provided by Photobook-Companies in regard to image handling, but it also provides all advantages of a fully featured DTP-Solution.
    Unfortunately Publisher is no way near that for my purposes. The fact that I cannot place Images in a workspace without placing them immediatly into the document simply is not very comfortable. Also exchanging photos is not as intuitive. At last I can never see which images I already used, which is kind of bad if your looking at publications with 100-200 pages full of images.
    So for now I will (have to) stick with Page Plus, but I hope Publisher will become a full replacement in the future.