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  1. Win 10 Latest version of Affinity Photo Beta When I select crop, the double arrow cursor remains horizontal even when dragging from corners or top/bottom drag points.
  2. Tried it. No change in Photo Beta. Just installed latest beta and it is working.
  3. Oops. Wrong thread. Thanks.
  4. Sam Grove

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    Okay, well I suppose I could say "prime".
  5. When I select a region, I would like to see a histogram for that region.
  6. Sam Grove

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    I've been using beta as my go to photo editor. I noticed that beta files cannot be opened by AP 1.6.5 When will beta become alpha?
  7. I purchased and downloaded Affinity Designer for my daughter. I want to put it on a disk to install from. Do you have artwork I may use on a printable disk?
  8. I was looking for the ability to edit images in Publisher ( by accessing an external image editor (Affinity Photo) as can be done in PagePlus. Is that a feature yet to come? I was checking that out because I found that accessing Affinity Photo from within PagePlus revealed a bug. When I finished editing an image in Affinity Photo, I have to close the program so the image will be released on PagePlus.
  9. I often zoom in to see how an image would look cropped, but I must zoom out to "grab" the cropping outline. How about a "crop to view" function?
  10. Printing a document to Xerox Phaser 6010, it defaulted to manual duplex and I was unable to find a way to change it to straight printing. Never had that issue with this printer.

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