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  1. +100 I'm already converted to Photo and Designer. This would make the triplet complete and I can publish my books without adding to the ADB share price.
  2. Well - as the author of three 300+ page fully-illustrated books, it takes a few minutes to change a word in the entire book of 30 chapters. In ID, in the book menu, I select the first and shift select the last chapter, opening all chapters. A find and replace works just as with a single file, albeit with a few crashes AS THERE IS SO MUCH CONTENT OPEN. It is however the very last thing I do and I put up with it, having created all the chapters in separate manageable files.
  3. Really? I would like to see someone try loading a 400 page book with 600 illustrations. Even with a file per chapter, indexing a book of this size in InDesign is troublesome. Trying to do that in a single file is fine for flimsy publications, on a proper book is nuts. You do not need a single file to do a book wide change. You can already do that in InDesign books, such as global search and replace, style changes and so on.
  4. There is no loss in functionality or global editing with the book features in InDesign. It allows one to manage a project effectively. As a book grows, single file editing becomes less viable. It is inconceivable to edit a 600 page fully illustrated book as one file. Affinity has made great strides across their applications, they just need to let the community know if this is a temporary, accidental or deliberate miss.
  5. I am the author of 5 books, all using InDesign. I would love to give Adobe the heave ho. With 250,000 words and 800 illustrations in a typical book, a single file system is unmanageable. (A print ready PDF is over 1GB.) Being able to do concentrate on each chapter as a separate file and then having a book feature to pull them together, effect automatic updates of the contents, indexing and pagination is essential, not to mention proofing, checking and ensuring common styles. It should still be possible to load all book chapters at one go and do global search and replace, but recognize it may challenge the hardware. I cannot visualize an alternative approach without it being a cop out. For me, saying goodbye to Adobe CC requires all three Affinity apps and without a book feature ... .

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