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  1. On a hunch, I disabled Intego virus/net protection and so far, fingers crossed, it has not recurred. I bought Intego when I changed to Big Sur, abandoning Bitdefender which had its own issues. Ho Hum.
  2. I have a more severe case of this - but not limited to Affinity apps. All my Affinity apps worked just fine in Mojave. I did a clean install of Big Sur and now, more often than not, when I launch an app, it does not 'bounce' at all and 30 seconds later, an Apple error message appears with some mumbo-jumbo on insufficient permissions and codesigning. If I close this and click on the app again, it runs perfectly within a few seconds. Once it starts working, it seems to be ok. This is not just with Affinity apps though, I have had the same issue with MS Excel, but not so frequently. This is on a 6-core Intel I7 Mac Mini, not the M1 - directly connected to modem with cable. It may be hardware specific; I also have a quad core i7 Macbook pro - which I similarly did a fresh load of Big Sur and all my apps. That seems to work just fine (wifi connection to modem).
  3. Well - things are not going that smoothly and some of the unexpected behavior looks suspiciously like a bug. I have triple column, double column and chapter start master pages, with a title block. When I was trying to append files by importing pages, it was inserting a blank page and ignoring the text in the title block. With the continual ambiguity about modified master pages and text styles, I decided to make a simple experiment. I took a multipage document and duplicated it. I then added it to itself. This avoids conflict between any of the masters or styles. I still had the same issue - a blank page inserted where the title page should be, and the other pages following, with wrong masters applied and, again, missing the title block. This behavior is not consistent, however, some of my afpub files, created from the same templates, append to themselves without issue. Overall - I think there is room for improvement here. There is a 50/50 chance that RHS/LHS spread formatting needs flipping (inner spread margins are larger). One could make InDesign chapters and the book assembly feature was intelligent enough to align the pages to the margins, without any user interaction. I suspect I am going to have to create blank pages and manually copy paste all the content over from one document to the other.
  4. Dear Sfriedberg - that is brilliant, many thanks. I was already aware of and using sections with page numbering but had not noticed the section field. I also am working to understand text frames better. At present, my masters have no text frames in them, just column guides. Is the best practice to put blank text frames into the master pages?
  5. Each chapter in my book has a dozen or so pages. They share the same original template file and use the same layout and paragraph/character styles. The master page in each chapter afpub file has page number and chapter name along the top. I'm pulling these AFPUB files into a single Publisher file for the entire book and I would like to know how I can import the pages from these different files without losing the master page content in my document pages on the one hand, or creating an almost duplicate set of master pages for the 40-odd chapters Any suggestions?
  6. I'm a long time user of ID and while there were many things I did not like about it, its tool tab management was really efficient. The pop out and non-overlapping settings tabs were clean and easy. By comparison, I find that my tabs jostle for space and are always present (I am not aware of a way of shrinking them to a simple icon). It is not difficult to do, so I'm guessing it is a conscious choice not to implement?
  7. Hi Callum - of course, it is not doing it today. I have since upgraded to Big Sur. If it returns and it seems to more likely be an app issue, I will post more evidence. thanks
  8. Thanks - the install only works for Photo app - but copying the ICC file seems to work for my photo and designer apps (bought from Apple) but not for Publisher, which I purchased direct from Affinity. There is no Affinity Publisher folder in the above container folder. There is a similarish folder in /users/me/library/application support/affinity publisher/profiles - placing the ICC profile in that folder works. I am not an expert on how apps are installed, but it does suggest that the location of the profiles folder depends on how the application was bought.
  9. If you bring up the text wrap tool and then minimize it, it refuses to re-appear and you have to restart Publisher 1.8.6 for it to re-appear (Mojave)
  10. Yes - the inner margin is larger, so the text frames may be displaced. We shall see. The print ready PDF for my last book was over 800MB
  11. Thanks Bruce - so basically, to keep things manageable, I should create all my chapters as separate files using a common template (to avoid style clashes) and have each already tagged for indexing, before, at the final stage, adding them all together and creating the TOC and index? I am concerned that in the final throws, I will be managing and editing a huge file of all the pages (unavoidable when you go through the formal review and edit process). It would be daft to continually re-assemble the book each time. For all InDesign's foibles, the book feature was very useful. Hopefully something will come out in a new edition before I get to that stage.
  12. Hi folks - I have written five large scientific books in InDesign, with about 350 pages apiece and with about 600 assorted linked illustrations each, all with table of contents and fully indexed. Each chapter was a separate InDesign file and I used the InDesign book feature to assemble the content. I have upgraded to BigSur and given Adobe CS the elbow. I have started to lay out my next book but would welcome advice on the best way to manage the huge project. I have set up master pages and styles but am wondering how to best use sections? or separate files? maybe to manage the book content and assemble it. I can see no equivalent of an InDesign book feature - so I'm wondering how best to achieve an equivalent functionality (indexing, page numbering and TOC integration). In each case, I am responsible for producing print-ready PDF files. Many thanks in advance
  13. Just for perspective, removing the rose-tinted glasses. Adobe ID started off pretty shaky in a world dominated by Quark - I have been using ID since the beginning and PageMaker before it. ID's Pagemaker import feature was useless and that was from the PageMaker version that Adobe made after they bought from Aldus. The layout, tables, typography and stability were all over the place. In the end, I gave up and restarted. It reinforces the practice to keep the resources close to hand. I currently have two 300+page books in CS6 and hope to abandon ID as OSX ditches support for 32-bit apps. A bigger concern for me is the support of large documents - the ID book feature was very useful for management.
  14. Thanks, currently it is stubbornly refusing to go wrong again. ... apart from confirming the actions I took do not include finger problems, is there anything else I should be capturing, to help with possible diagnostics?
  15. I can - but the same file that was causing me issues yesterday is working today. I have been using computers since the days of CP/M and this looks like an intermittent fault. Yesterday, I could not get a single afdesigner file to export a selection to EPS (I tried re-boots) and today, they all work. It shouldn't be a memory problem (6-core mac mini, 32 GB). When I used Illustrator, you could sometimes get a stray point - Cmd A shows those. My files were clean in that respect. When it pops up again, I will post the file. At present I'm using Photo and Designer files into InDesign. I'm too far into a book to move over to Publisher.
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