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  1. i think that it should have just on thing, namely font and cut, not again the word-like B (for bold) and I (for italic), although is is grey if there is no font cut, or it is automatically changed into the font cut if i use either B or I. as well i would be clear i saying: glyphs are the font content and not the sings in the assets.
  2. in APu i think the word "glyph" should be only clear used for the unicode mode, the specific font, but not for the different signs. which can be used under the assets.
  3. it's not just a bit word-files, that i like to include in APu (copy&paste by small texts may be ok). but how about long texts, 200, 400 pages (literature, scientific work with hundreds of foot or endnotes, with complex hierarchy in titling)? it would be really nice to have an automatic import instead of clicking and binding the text boxes again and again.