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  1. Another vote for Preflight, please. Serif PagePlus had a very useful Preflight checker, which I used frequently.
  2. Many thanks Dave. Those steps must be described somewhere in Help, but I did not find it. I'll try again. As a long-standing user of PP, maybe I'm not looking hard enough in the new APub places for answers. Thanks for your patience.
  3. I design books. I know that APub 1.7.1 has the facility to import text: we lobbied for a long time to get it included. With Page Plus, I could import a Word text of any length and Autofill would create new pages with text boxes for the entire text. I cannot work out how to get this from APub. The Help page says that I should use the Place command. I've tried every which way, including first saving docx as rtf, but all all I get is the first page of the imported text. Am I wrong to expect that I can use APub to create books? I'm still using PPx9, but would dearly like to/will soon have t
  4. Thanks for your answer. Although I have the Beta, I'm still working with PagePlus because I edit, design and publish books. I need the certainty of PP and can't risk finding a problem with APub way into a big project. However, I'm confident that APub will be excellent when it's launched. I guess it is difficult to accommodate every need. I started this thread (I think it was me) to express my hope that APub would, at the minimum, have the facility to handle doc/docx and this has, I believe, been taken up by the design team. There have been many useful comments on difficulties with Word and on
  5. In PagePlus, that would be a task for WritePlus. Is that facility not available in Publisher?
  6. I've also used Page Plus since the PPlus 5 days and have been delighted with every update and enhancement. I edit, design and publish books of every description and PPlus X9 does all I want in terms of input, processing, outputs, and fantastic Community support. I work with other designers, for whom InDesign is king, but they learned it in college: I never had time to do that, and the Adobe suite is, for me, well described by Stevekelly, above. However, Serif won't maintain X9 except as a legacy programme. I have great confidence in the Serif/Affinity developers and I accept their reason
  7. Many thanks. It's good to know that the developers are working on the .docx import. It's important (at least for me), but happy to use .rtf until the issue is resolved.
  8. Just to say that importing Word documents is a must and matter of normal workflow. I publish books of all shapes. sizes, types. Having to convert doc/docx to PDF before importing is a big step backwards, notwithstanding ballardstudio's comments above. I'm sure he has a point, but for me, the PPX facility to Import Text File does what I need.
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