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  1. I am really liking publisher so far, and can imagine working with it professionally in the future. I am using indesign cs5.5 at the moment and one thing I would like to see in publisher which is in this program is collapsible panels. I like to have some panels open all the time, like character, paragraph, pages and color. This already fills my workspace pretty much, but I would like other options quickly available too, but not take up space all the time, f.i. the text frame option, the text styles and stroke options. Having some way to group a couple and minimize them would be very helpful.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with the brush cursor in Affinity on Mac: When I have brushes with some kind rotation function applied, like brush direction, the brush cursor does not respect this and stays the same all the time. Although I appreciate the refined brush cursor in some use cases, this is quite annoying, as this makes it hard to judge how the strokes will come out. Applications like Paintstorm do have a rotating brush cursor, and its very helpful. Either the brush cursor should rotate, or I need a neutral brush cursor like a crosshair. More options in the respect would be helpful.
  3. Hi, Thanks for all the great work you have done to designer on the ipad. I think it is a very nice app, and the vector tools work very well with the gestures. What I use my ipad pro for mostly though is drawing (mostly pixel), as I still can work faster with vectors on the desktop. In this respect I think Designer is not quite there yet, if compared to Clip Studio and especially Procreate. The brush engine has many options, so this is no problem. What holds it back in my opinion is the inability to set my own global pressure curve for the app. I am used to Wacom on the desktop, and for me to work comfortably and controlled, I need to tweak the pressure curve. In procreate and clip studio on the ipad I can do the same, and it makes a world of difference: it is much less tiresome to draw, and feels more natural. The standard curve is just to stiff for me, and this makes drawing in affinity designer (and photo) on ipad not as nice as it could be... Would you add this in the future?
  4. Thanks, I kind of found out right now too. I just though there would be a quicker way, but it will do
  5. Something I cannot find in Publisher is a right Indent Tab (Shortcut in indesign Shift-Tab) Which I use quite often in indesign. Why is this missing, and will you be adding this?
  6. Sorry, perhaps I misunderstood, if I put my tabs on the top part of the ruler, it is reversed, if I put the at the bottom it is normal. Is this by design and if so, what is the purpose of this?
  7. Hi, I noticed that the values in the Tab Stops menu are reversed: If I have a text block of 70 mm, and put a tab stop on the ruler at 5 mm, the value is 65 mm. Vice versa, if I put it at 65 mm on the ruler, the value is 5 mm. Seems like a bug to me?
  8. What I would like to see as an option in the Paragraph options under decoration, is to be able to assign the line the color of the text (style) it is applied too. This is an option in indesign, and in this way it is much easier to keep a consistent style throughout. If I like to change the text color I don't have to change this setting as well.
  9. It must be tough being a software developer to create a forum to engage with it's user base and them being told it does not listen to them. These kinds of threads and reviews must hurt. This is the first beta, and things are not perfect yet, and stuff is missing which needs to be added to be a stronger product. BUT this is only the beginning and I think theyve already shown they can come up with well working solutions to problems that are better than the competition. The products are very accessible and work well for the most part. Designer and Photo have really give us some options beyond Adobe, which I highly appreciate. However they are not simple copies, and people will always complain about things they know from their workflow in other programs. Sometimes however these methods are not even the best way to do things, but it is the way it is done by most because the software dictates this workflow. If I wanted to add raster elements and multiple effects to a vector drawing I had to abandon Illustrator and jump to Photoshop. Designer has created a much more streamlined workflow for this. I hope Publisher will streamline parts of my workflow too, but these changes sometimes take some time and getting used to. I think Affinity/Serif have shown enough to give them the time and patience to develop the app to its full potential. I also wish for a credible alternative to indesign (my most used program) because I don't like paying so much for the subscription. I have tested Quark but that is such a mess of a program, that Publisher actually suits my workflow much better already in its first beta, which is really nice! I will happily pay for a software like this.
  10. The "pathfinder" functions are still a bit hidden, I think they are working on improving this. Select two or more objects and you can right-click to find the options you are looking for (not sure if all you mentioned are present though) Affinity designer has a corner tool, which can create a round or other shape corner on any shape. This is not present in Publisher (at the moment at least)
  11. Only Affinity Photo has Macros at the moment, and they are not as powerful as Illustrators or Photoshops actions. I hope they will add them in the future.
  12. Well not in my version.... Check the screenshot, all the tools i can choose but no magic wand, just the selection brush
  13. I have just been using ADe on my Ipad Pro and noticed there is a flood selection tool (magic wand). But checking ADe on my Mac I could not find it?? Why is it not there and will this be changed in the next version? It would be very logical and useful to have it there and always wondered why it wasn't
  14. I have to agree here, I use bleed for all my documents, having to go through an extra step to setup bleed is a hassle. In addition to this, I would like to be able to set default settings for bleed, which is mostly 3mm in my case, or give me the option to define presets which include bleed.
  15. Somehow, this issue persists. I use a full keyboard so I can still delete, but not with backspace. Somehow, the backspace key is reserved for going through history steps, but I can't find any way to change this? It would be great if this can be addressed, as this annoys me every time, as it is different behaviour to other programs like PS and Clip Studio
  16. I kind of understand how they work on photos, but with graphics files like EPS or ADe files, it does not seem to work, the graphic does not move when i change the handles.
  17. I would like to see more precise options for the picture frame tool. I quite like the auto-reflow dynamic, but sometimes I only want the frame but not reflow the content. I thought the solution would be to "lock children", but this does not change it, it still moves the image. But when I use the option "none" in properties i can scale the image as I would like, but when I change the frame, the image sometimes jumps back to its original state (100 %). An option to use a percentage value for the included image would be very helpful. Also I would like to have an option for the frame to fit the content like in indesign
  18. Yes a book function is very useful for more complex projects, like it is in indesign
  19. yes, i did find those, but none lets me wrap the frame to the contents. The content is either completely shown or fills the frame (but is stretched)
  20. I can seem to find a way to wrap an image box to the image to get an exact fit. In indesign I would double click a handle to resize the box to fit the containing object. This is a very important feature for precision layouts.
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