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  1. By me, it doesn't work. I need to relocate EACH picture one by one. Very annoying.
  2. It would be nice to be able to change the path of all linked pictures together of a Publisher project when modifying the localisation of the folder containing them.
  3. I've modified the colour balance and the contrast of a picture in Affinity Photo and, when imported in Publisher, the picture has a rectangular part which is clearer than the rest of the image. Like if I had make an adjustment only on a part of it.
  4. Even if my MacBook Pro is set to the printer available in the office I work, Affinity Publisher beta still want to print to the printer I use at home, where I created the document I'm working on. Any way to set the printer in Publisher preferences ? Or to make Publisher use the printer selected in the Mac Preferences ?
  5. I'm testing Affinity Publisher beta for a while and I find it a wonderful software, only waiting for the next issues. The thing I miss for the moment is the possibility to draw a picture frame on a master page in order to use it to fill with different pages of my document exactly on the same spot on each of theses pages. I know there is an alternative (duplicating the master layer on the document page for example) but it is not really an easy way to make it work. On the last beta, for example, the guides which have been set on the master page now appear on the document pages as dash line which is very clever.
  6. When I type ê, Affinity Publisher beta type ^ê. For example tête becomes t^ête
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