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  1. Just noticed that setting Max consecutive hyphens to 0 (zero) in a text style is not saved with the document. Not sure, but I think this once worked in a previous beta.
  2. Anyway, nice example for german language insanity you picked there
  3. @Alfred Max consecutive hyphens is not about hyphens in one word, but consecutive lines in a column that end with a hyphen. And yes, having a text with lots of those "nice" long german words can lead to a column needing more than 20 consecutive lines that end with a hyphen.
  4. Agreed, usually you would try to avoid them. But I also do some newspaper-like layouts (with loooong columns), where it's not about aesthetics so much. Since the text is given by the client, more than 20 consecutive hyphens may happen (especially in German language). Rare, but possible. As I said, a value of 0 seemed to mean "infinite". It just isn't saved. I may be wrong, but I think this worked in a previous beta.
  5. Ok, that's one way to solve this How would I set the maximum consecutive hyphens to "infinite" then? Setting it to 0 did the job quite well.
  6. maxgrafik

    Layer Effects & Styles panel

    Ah, I see. Thanks. A long-living bug that is
  7. When applying Layer Effects from the Styles panel, properties like Radius seem to depend on the initial size of the object, even if Scale with Object is not checked. Is this intended behaviour? How would I create a layer effect (e.g. drop shadow) that always has the same radius, no matter what size the object initially has?
  8. maxgrafik

    [Solved] text ... Next Style

    Well, I already did. Some time ago
  9. maxgrafik

    [Solved] text ... Next Style

    Sorry to bring this up again, but I think Apply [Style] Then Next Styles is still broken. At the end of the video above the cursor is placed on the description text, but in the Text Styles panel "Year" is still selected and the summary box above reads "Year + Font: Roboto ...". So in fact the description text is basically the Year style + some variations to make it look like the Description style. The "real" Description style is never applied. Try changing the Description style afterwards in the above example. The appearance will not change as I would expect.
  10. Exact same problem here since the first beta. So at least this behaviour is consistent I guess as long as ICC profiles written by Publisher have the "wrong" MD5 checksum the preflight will fail. You could add the wrong checksum to your preflight profile so it stops complaining. However, your printshop may still complain then.
  11. I just found out what is causing the menu change for me. It's not selecting the Text Styles Panel, but changing the Keyboard shortcuts in preferences. I have saved my preferred keyboard shortcuts in a file. As soon as I load this file the menu changes. Resetting the keyboard shortcuts also resets the menu back to Publisher's menu. Loading the file again the menu changes. Reproducible every time. I attached the buggy shortcuts file. buggy.affshortcuts
  12. I have both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer installed, but none of them were open. Only InDesign, Publisher and Safari. When the menu switch occured I was playing around with the Place Image Tool and Picture Frame Tool. No RAW files, just JPGs. However, I am not able to reproduce it.
  13. I had the same problem twice and still trying to reproduce this with no luck. But i did essentially the same as @icreate ... switching back and forth between Indesign, Publisher and (in my case) Safari to watch the tutorial videos. Maybe this helps to narrow down the problem.
  14. A workaround I found is to create the master page as single page. You can then drag the master to either the left or right page of a spread.
  15. Cool. Thanks for this tip. Maybe they don't know about this either, as @MEB mentioned in another thread that it's currently not possible.
  16. Congratulations to the Affinity team on the release of Affinity Publisher. The Beta is looking really good. Having already tested quite a number of DTP Apps so far, I think the UI is very intuitive and you immediately feel „at home“. It sure has a lot of features I’m going to like. So thanks for sharing this with us, although there are obviously some bugs. So, besides the bugs others have already reported (e.g. sliders staying on screen) here are my findings so far in no particular order … Auto-Correct Preferences won’t save No matter what I do, after restarting Publisher all boxes in Auto-Correct Preferences are ticked on again. Menu structure changes to Affinity Photo This happened twice, but I can’t reproduce. So still investigating here. Zooming out on multi-page documents Using Cmd+Space+Mouseclick to zoom in works as expected, but zooming out by using Alt+Space+Mouseclick sometimes scrolls the page randomly on multi-page documents. After clicking the Zoom Tool and then the Move Tool again, this weird behaviour seems gone. No text indent next to text wraps Text flow along the right side of a text wrapping object does not honour paragraph indent settings (neither first line indent nor left indent). Stock panel and picture frames A picture dragged from the stock panel onto a picture frame does not show up. Expanding the picture frame layer then crashes Publisher. Color picker „boxes“ Even for objects/text that have a defined colour from the swatches panel, clicking any color picker box opens the colour chooser with the „colour“ tab enabled. Making it seem a non-global colour was used for this text/object. I would expect the colour chooser to show either „swatches“ or „colour“ depending on the „type“ of colour used. Text Context Toolbar - Vertical Alignment Option/Icon On selecting or creating a text frame the icon always shows the text as being centred vertically. No matter what the vertical alignment really is. Selecting the option „Top Align“ then switches the text to „Centre Vertically“. Text Styles Using „Apply … Then Next Styles“ formats selected text only visually as expected, but does not really apply those next styles. Live-update of master page items Changing e.g. the paragraph style of a master page item while being on any other page does not live-update the master page item. Only after clicking OK the changes get applied. Well, not really a bug, but it seems inconsistent as everything else seems to live-update when changing parameters. ICC-Profiles on PDF/X export ICC-Profiles on exported PDF/X documents seem to get somehow altered or renamed causing Acrobat to complain about non-recommended profiles in preflight. E.g. the output intent „ISO Coated v2 (ECI)“ ends up as „ISO Coated v2 (ECI) (Custom)“ in PDF/X. Affinity Designer has the same behaviour. PDF/X export fails with some PS-Type 1 fonts Trying to export a PDF/X with certain PS-Type 1 fonts fails either silently or with some generic error message. Affinity Designer does export those fonts as curves. Which is better than nothing, but not desired. Suggestions Page columns Or at least some kind of column creator tool which creates the necessary guides. Page Origin I know you can edit the page origin in Publisher, but I would like to have every page (not spread) start at 0/0 Text context menu This could also contain the „Insert > Page Number etc.“ menu items Global layers, kind of In InDesign layers are global across all pages and master pages which is a big help in structuring documents. I, for one, use to keep text, images and basic layout elements on separate layers. Or use layers for multiple language versions of the same document. Publisher’s concept of layers seems different here. Although I can see the possibilities of this layer concept, it doesn’t fit aforementioned use case. So it would be nice if you could consider some global, layer-like structuring kind of thing I also vote for - some kind of bleed view/guides - GREP-Styles … maybe instead of „Initial Words“ - paragraphs spanning columns - Scripting .. any „language“ is good

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