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  1. In Affinity Publisher: When using pictures which have an outline (frame), that is aligned on the inside, there appears a thin line outside of the frame. It is the border of the picture. I would expect, that the outline itself is the absolut border of the element. So like in attatched example it's not possible to create clean white borders in this case on a white background. It doesn't matter whether I use the "Place picture" tool (Bild platzieren) or rectangular picture frame (rechteckiger Bilderrahmen). And this bug also appears in Affinity Designer. Please fix.Thanks. Test Fotobuch Christian.afpub
  2. When applying the general Baseline Grid for the whole document and have a bigger space defined in pt between paragraphs than the font size itself, depending on how big the space is, the drop caps are not aligned to the top but a line below. In some cases it's ok, in some not. Maybe it´s also a combination of space before and after a paragraph. Font: Akrobat (regular), Text height: 10pt, Paragraph leading (default 10pt), Space after paragraph 12pt. Se further screenshots which show different spaces between paragraphs. Further finding: Text Frame/Vertical Alignment/Baseline Grid overrides the general document Baseline Grid and seems to work fine according to drop cap aligning.