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  1. There is no feature “hyphenation” in the paragraph tab in Designer, is there? But when automatic hyphenation is not possible in Designer, why can you choose the hyphenation language in the character tab? Ich finde bei Designer(!) den Abschnitt „Silbentrennung“ nicht im Absatz-Panel – richtig? Allerdings frage ich mich, warum man dann trotzdem im Zeichen-Panel eine Sprache für die Silbentrennung aussuchen darf!?
  2. But probably the abbreviations to name the two fields in transformation panel are different in Spanish, too, aren’t they? Though I admit, there may be a language where (one of) the abbreviated field names is the same as one of the units or calculation formulas mentioned above. Sigh, I dismiss. 😬
  3. thanks! Maybe it should be considered to adopt these to the programme’s interface language, as width in the German version is indicate “B“ as „Breite“.
  4. Thanks for that advice, it does. However I’d still say resource manager should not claim unmarked “200 dpi in placed image”, when it is in fact “200 by 223,5 dpi”.
  5. I just found this function and I am thrilled I can calculate with „h“ – but I am doing something wrong, calculating with „b“ does not seem to work here, does it? Would make just as much sense, wouldn’t it?
  6. I’d like to add another request for the Resource Manager: Right now, when a raster image is scaled unproportionally, you can find out that only in the context tool bar – the resources manager only shows one resolution, the smaller effective resolution. Either display both resolutions, vertical and horizontal, or at least show a warning sign, to make unproportional scaling obvious in the listing. With documents with many images it is hardly possible to check each image on its own.
  7. @Callum Well, it didn’t occur with Pdfs from other software, yet. And no, the Jpg generated from the same file was displayed well, just as a pdf of a second artboard where I used the same content, but to keep things simple, except for the type rasterized to a single layer. Neither is the effect shown, when I export an Eps from Affinity, and in Illustrator open and safe it as a Pdf – but then, any effects that might be involved are rasterized on that process, too. I suppose the effects might be involved, as the foggy area includes a “notch” around the yellow candle, probably because of the gaussian blurred shadow beneath.
  8. Hi all, I made a complex illustration for a poster with lots of structures, brushes etc. The exported Pdf shows a strange fogginess in some parts of the illustration in Apple Mail only – in Adobe Acrobat, in the app Apple Preview, the preview in Finder and when converted in Photoshop everything looks fine and the values seem to be o.k., too. However it is not only irritating me, I am afraid my clients may see the same effect in their mail programme, so I wonder what is the problem and how to get rid of it. Any ideas? Screenshot attached shows the display in Apple Mail 13.4 on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 on the left, the original file in Affinity Designer 1.8.6 on the right.
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