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  1. Yep, that's it! I must have fat-fingered Command+G on that text box at some point without realizing it. Thanks so much, I definitely wouldn't have figured that out on my own! Is there some visual indication that you have a group selected? Or do you just have to click the "Layer" menu item, to see if "Ungroup" is available?
  2. I have a document that behaves strangely when I resize the textboxes in it. As I drag the bottom handle to resize the text box, the line height increases. See the attached video. This does NOT happen on a new document. You can download the document I'm working on here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h32y6agrvo5pegz/2020-11-NOV-Issue.afpub?dl=0 I'm using Publisher version 1.8.4 on Mac OS 10.14.6; MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015). Publisher-TextBox.mp4
  3. Thanks, guys! Sent in the file to the support email address.
  4. Comparing my AD document (on the right) to the exported PSD (on the left)... is this amount of colour-shift normal?
  5. I frequently open these palettes to edit the stroke profile while working, and the palettes end up covering what I'm working on. Using spacebar to pan the canvas to a new position — without dismissing the palettes — would be super helpful. Side note bug report: with both of these palettes open (the stroke editor and the stroke profile editor), if you command-tab to another application, those palettes do not close, but remain visible on top of the new application.
  6. Just found this other post from another user who seems to be having the same issue with changing a document's resolution: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/12011-scaling-guidesslices-with-resolution/
  7. I found that exporting as PDF does not maintain layers and groups either, and that every object in the document is exported into the PDF without any layer structure or hierarchy, making it nearly impossible to select something that was a group or layer in AD.
  8. Whoops, I thought I had attached that document a couple posts ago. Slices snapping to whole pixels: that's great! But my issue is that I want them to snap to whole points, rather than pixels. My document was set to 1024x768 points, with a dpi of 144 (so that I still had the resolution to export @2x without issue, or that was my intention, in case I used any pixel layers). So I was getting slices that were snapping to odd-numbered pixel dimensions, which exported @2x graphics at that size. Which means the "@1x" graphics could not be exactly half the size of the @2x graphics. In any case, the attachment here demonstrates a problem I found when trying to change my document resolution to 72, to try to force the slices to be calculated with whole pixels at the "@1x" level, rather than at the @2x level. When I did that, I had problems creating layer slices from layers that had already existed in the document, *before* the resolution change. There was no problem making layer-based slices from newly-created layers.
  9. Yeah, I was expecting to have to re-create the slice, but that's exactly my issue. When I recreate that slice, the measurements are wrong, and the bounding box doesn't show up. :(
  10. Sorry for the multiple posts. Changing the DPI of the document seems to mess with the Export Persona's measurements, actually. I'm attaching the file with just the one asset in it. This layer was created BEFORE changing the DPI. If you switch to the Export Persona you can see that the "Tower1Projectile" slice actually shows up empty. It also exports an empty PNG. The bounding box for it does not show in the document view, and the dimensions of it (in the "Transform" palette) still show as the dimensions it was BEFORE switching the DPI. I created a new layer, added a 5x5 rectangle to it and created a new slice from that, and that works the way I expect.
  11. I just had a thought: If I change my DPI to 72, and recreate my slices with pixel snapping turned on, will this work the way I'm expecting it to? For this project, I only have vector layers, so that would be ok... this time.
  12. Ah, I see what the problem is now. I have my document set up using the Page Preset of "iPad Air (Retina)". I was assuming (hoping) that the pixel snapping for creating slices would snap to points, not to pixels. Is there any way to make it do that? I have a slice that is showing as 43 x 39, but when I export it at 1x, it exports to 21 x 19, and the @2x file is 43 x 39. This doesn't work for me (or any game dev), unfortunately. The files need to be precise multiples of each other to work properly.
  13. I guess my thought is that slices should *always* be aligned to a whole pixel (or rather, a whole *point*) so that exported sizes are always accurate. When I select a Layer in the Export Persona and click the "Create Slice" button, it appears to snap to whole points, given the dimensions shown for the slice (see attachment). If those dimensions are capable of decimal points, it should definitely show decimal points. I'm having a hard time imagining anyone wanting that behaviour though. Is there an easy way to adjust a slice's size numerically? The only way I can see is to zoom way in and scale each side it to a point edge. This is tedious enough that I would probably rather use other software... :( And thanks, by the way! This is my first real project with AD, and I'm loving it a lot. Reliably getting assets out of it is pretty critical though! :)
  14. I would love to be able to select an object, then select the Pen or Brush tool and have that tool use the same stroke and fill settings as the currently-selected object. This would be a big time-saver.
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