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  1. On 9/2/2018 at 9:02 AM, tariq said:

    Perhaps a blog or tutorial by Affinity on how we should be creating 500 page textbooks would be helpful..perhaps were all going about it wrong and Affinity have a new better way?

    Is Publisher intended for laying out long structured documents? Reports, novels, textbooks and the like. If so, it would seem there must be some easy way to manipulate hundreds of frames at a time. I favour the master page approach. Master page text frames populate frames on content pages. Change the master, change all dependent frames on content pages. But that feature isn't in the beta, is it?

  2. AP is a tool suited to laying out text and images in unstructured format for print.

    Understanding that, the beta makes more sense and feels more complete (at least to me). 

    • Content or layout? Layout. Think Affinity Designer with pages. As for content creation, +1 for Scrivener. 
    • Structured or unstructured? Unstructured. Master page text frames do not populate content pages (as in FrameMaker). It will be good for a magazine, or brochure. Not for long structured text (e.g., textbook, manual).
    • Print or screen? Print. No ePub or HTML export or interactivity among elements. Lacks slug and bleed, but still more so for print. 

    I was hoping for something that could handle magazine and textbook, print and screen. It can't and that's expecting too much. 

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