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  1. Can't find what Walt refers to in the Mac version. I have no "magnifying glass under Find". What's worse: I can't paste any copied text string into the Find or Replace fields. Once I have entered a search string manually, I can see some coding for special characters (e.g. "\n\r"), but when I enter that code, it does not find anything.
  2. Will there be some assistance when I save a Publisher document to a different computer, when the document is containing linked — not embedded — images? Will Affinity Publisher give a warning? Or save the linked files in a subfolder? I think I have to take care myself in this case and have to change the status of all linked images to "embedded" in the Resource Manager, don't I? I can imagine situations where you are opening a .afpub file on a different computer and realize that you are missing all the linked images (living on the other computer).