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  1. I have checked Publisher's Typography settings to replace straight quotes with typographical quotes, but am getting wrong results in German. "Straight" quotes are replaced with “cursive” upper quotes, but German typography demands the leading quote to be a lower quote.
  2. Can't find what Walt refers to in the Mac version. I have no "magnifying glass under Find". What's worse: I can't paste any copied text string into the Find or Replace fields. Once I have entered a search string manually, I can see some coding for special characters (e.g. "\n\r"), but when I enter that code, it does not find anything.
  3. Will there be some assistance when I save a Publisher document to a different computer, when the document is containing linked — not embedded — images? Will Affinity Publisher give a warning? Or save the linked files in a subfolder? I think I have to take care myself in this case and have to change the status of all linked images to "embedded" in the Resource Manager, don't I? I can imagine situations where you are opening a .afpub file on a different computer and realize that you are missing all the linked images (living on the other computer).
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