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  1. Hi I want to fill the inside of each character so that they all have identical fills. I have attached a file which I think will explain what I mean Thank you text fill example.afpub
  2. Hi I am trying to create a linear fill in text where the fill is identical in each individual character in the paragraph. I can create a fill which covers the whole paragraph but this is not what I want - can anybody help. Regards
  3. Thank you ūüôā

  4. Thank you for the advice - saves me losing more hair - If I open in Publisher and select the persona for photo the  "photo personas" (liquify/develope/tone mapping/export) are not shown - so do I have to open photo separately to access these?

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    2. Old Bruce

      Old Bruce


      Technically the main persona in Photo is called the Photo Persona and there are the Liquify, Develop, Tone map and Export Personas for the total of five.

      Would be awkward to tell people to use the Photo Persona's Photo Persona in Publisher.

    3. Old Bruce

      Old Bruce

      Sorry, I misread this. Early morning here. Your question is from a minute ago, not August 8th.

    4. Old Bruce

      Old Bruce

      "I  accessed Photo to edit the picture "

      Depending on the type of edits you may have rendered all the text into a pixel layer. Sorry to say that that is a one way street.

  5. What happened to the 'persona' link icons? All three persona links are there in Publisher but are not showing in Photo & Designer. There are other persona links in both Photo and Designer but have to access others through the drop down menu. If I open a document in Publisher I have easy access to both photo and designer and can flip backwards and forwards very easily between all three - am I missing something?
  6. Moving an asset (photo, text box, etc) off the page onto the scratch area has a problem. There is ample space to either side of the page, but no space at all top and bottom. What am I not doing? Affinity Publisher.mp4
  7. Hi Walt, Thanks for your comment - The suggestion of V_Ykr did the trick. Worked perfectly - I had thought to rasterize the text and then adding the effects, but I wanted to retain the text as text. Thanks for taking the time to respond
  8. Hi V_Kyr

    Yes, that worked - I thought about rasterizing the text then adding effects, but I wanted to retain the text attributes.

    Thankfully your suggestion works.


    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  9. Thanks for the help - Yes I did set a colour - tried various colours all to no avail. Tks
  10. Hi, I have created text over a picture. dragged the text layer onto the picture layer so the picture fills the text. I want to add an outline (and shadow) but with only the text layer selected using the "Effects Panel" and selecting "outline" and a colour does not work when I slide the radius above zero. All that happens is that the text grows by the radius amount selected but does not add the coloured outline. I am pretty sure this is something that can be done, so what am I doing wrong - can anybody help?
  11. Thank you Walt- I went through every drop down menu never thought it would be so simple - If I had a brain cell it would be lonely!
  12. Thank you thomaso can you give me the route to this?
  13. Hi, When I export files to .pdf I would like the document to automatically open (in acrobat) once it has exported - are there any settings within Publisher that would facilitate this?
  14. Old Bruce - They say that with age comes wisdom - What they don't say is "so does forgetfulness!
  15. Glad I am not alone; Can I float this: The navigation facility is good - but it is not obvious. Why is it in the "advanced" section? It is very cumbersome to us, requiring the user to open mini menus etc. This facility could be vastly improved. If the zoom bar was moved to the bottom margin. If you select the magnifying tool a zoom bar opens in the top left hand corner, so why, when that is selected could the Navigator panel not show viewpoint "add or delete" buttons? Why not show icons and name of existing viewpoints like in the Layers Panel. The Navigator panel can be undocked and enlarged. I think something like this would make it more 'user friendly'
  16. Magic, Am I the only one who didn't know that? Sorry for wasting everybody's time..... What is it Proverbs 9:9 says "Teach a wise man......
  17. Thanks everyone for your responses, "would a rose by any other name......." the name of the zoom slider contained in the navigator tab is immaterial - using the slider causes magnification. If you magnify a page, so only part of the page is visible, you can then 'navigate' by moving the "grey box". I think a better use of the navigator panel would be the ability for the user to be able to add "jump to places" within a document. A bit like word search, the ability to define your own 'jump to places'. which the user could name. Using a + or - icon could add or remove the" jump to" points. These points (and you could have dozens) would then be shown in the navigator panel. Of course if it was really clever when you select the magnifying tool on the tool bar the 'navigator panel' could change its content to reveal the "grey box navigation/magnification facility" that it currently has. Move off the magnifying glass should cause the navigator panel to revert to showing your 'jump to' places. While this is partly done in the "layers" panel, it would be better if you could create your own "jump to point" within the same or varying layers. If you have a document with a hundred plus pages and a large number of layers the ability to navigate quickly to a specific point, be it picture or an individual word in the document would be useful. As the same slider exists in Photo it would be useful (when in photo) to use it to define different areas of a picture for example if you had a photo of Snow White and her seven dwarfs and wanted to edit each dwarfs face - creating a magnified "jump to" for each face would save time. I appreciate using the magnifying glass and centering it over the required spot effectively does the same thing but again I consider that to be magnification not 'navigation'.
  18. walt.farrell: Thank you for your clarification. So what do you call the tool I was referring to? I take your point on the PDF - will observe in future TKS.
  19. Old Bruce, Sorry, I bow to your superior knowledge, I must be thick, but I do not understand what you mean.
  20. Old Bruce, I must be missing something - I cannot link the navigator zoom to the shapes tool - how is that done? fde101, On my windows PC using the zoom tool increases or decreases the size of the page I am working on. It does has no effect on the tab sizes.
  21. Still experimenting with AP - Can I suggest you move the zoom tool from the 'Navigator' tab to the unused bottom border (see attached). This could apply to both Publisher and Affinity Photo. This would release the Navigator tab for other tasks as well as producing less clutter. zoom tool.pdf
  22. Hmm, I think I understand MHZ's frustration - as a long time supporter of Serif, I like many others were hoping that PagePlus X9 would have been the starting point for Publisher, by that I mean we hoped for a new UI and for greater flexability with the ability to produce industry standard work, but with all of the PPX9 facilities. There is no doubt, if I do purchase Publisher, I will have to keep PPX9 - it is just so user friendly with lots of useful facilities that to date have not been replicated within Publisher. In my opinion the addition of many PPX9 features would certainly enhance Publisher.
  23. Hello Walt, I am having difficulty exporting accurately to .pdf when there is an object with a linear fill - the start colour of the fill is shown on the pdf but subsequent colours are not shown. I have attached a couple of .jpg images which hopefully will show you what I am talking about. I have tried exporting the 3 colour fill to .pdf a number of times but with no success. The reason I am exporting to .pdf is because if I print directly from Publisher it adds 2 or 3 spurious vertical black lines to the print (which are not on the page), but if I print the same page as a .pdf it prints correctly - I seem to remember having this problem with PagePlus a few years ago. I wondered if I am doing something wrong or if it is a bug. Any suggestions?
  24. Hello Walt, Having just installed the latest version I see that someone at Serif had similar thoughts to mine - Navigator tab now displays the zoom slider as part of the tab bar - a very sensible solution. I did think that having to do two steps to reveal the slider was a bit daft - the old choice was click on the magnifying glass or open the navigator box. Now it's cured.... Thought your advice was spot on - have read a number of your threads - keep up the good work.
  25. Yes, I get that. Having found the slider by using the magnifying glass I assumed that was the only way to get one - Having found the slider I didn't think to look elsewhere. That problem is now solved for me - can you do anything about importing direct from a scanner??
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