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  1. solved thanks. I was in Bullet mode and needed to set text to zero as suggested by Old Bruce - Thanks
  2. I am devloping styles for use with a newsletter. Why is the first line indented with a circle and a chevron? I cant see any indent on the text box ruler
  3. this puzzled me Turns out there is a simple answer. When you select the Pen tool the line width is zero. Increasing the line width makes it stay. Easy to say this a beginners mistake. But I suggest a zero line width is a special case and as such this should not be the default condition. Why not make the default width say 10. The pen tool is a tool that for a beginner takes some understanding. Anything to make it easier would be welcome. (using it in Photo)
  4. 'now move the cursor slightly' Thats the bit I was not doing - thanks
  5. Its actually a paid for tutorial so I have attached a screen grab showing how it looks in the tutorial. (ps I am learning a lot via the tutorial)
  6. I am failing to get the Picker to add points to the curve. I note that when return is pressed in Simon Fosters tutorial over the selected point in the photograph a double circle appears. It does not appear on my photo. Any idea why not?
  7. I've had a problem with the zoom facility in Publisher. I open a new A4 print document. I use the command control 8 to make the page go to it actual size. The image on the screen changes to appear about 2 centimetres by 1 1/2 cm approx. The zoom pointer is in the middle of the bar saying 100-percent. This is too small to edit so I have to magnify it by approximately 800%. All of this seems very odd. What is going on?
  8. yes it was that one I was righting about. One suggestion would be to make the mouse pointer as large as possible and possibly with a fill in colour.
  9. Just been watching the image v pixel video tutorial and found it frustrating. I have two screens and run Affinity Photo on one and the video on the other. I try to carry out the actions in the video on my copy of Affinity, pausing as required. But the pointer in the video is very small, its difficult sometimes to see where it has been moved too. The text in the video is small, and sometimes does not fill the screen, because it has not been maximised when filmed. Also for me I find you go on too quickly to introduce the ‘bells and whistles’ of a feature before I have absorbed the basic concept.
  10. changing the point a text frame is pinned to meant to say changing the point a picture frame is pinned to
  11. The video tutorial says I should just be able to drag the 'pinning line to a new location. Yet if I click on the pin, hold the left mouse buton down and drag to a new location the pinning line disappears. When I release the button the pin is in the same position. What am I doing wrong? What am I doing wrong?
  12. Done a bit more exploring. I think this behaviour occurs when you have deselected 'Dock Tools'' I believe the program does not know where to put the new box. When you move publisher the box stays in place and sometimes the part of it is off the screen.
  13. certainly The other annnoying thing is that the box insits on staying on top. To gain access to File etc I have to resize Publisher
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