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  1. I think I now realise what has confused me. It is that in the Aligned selected case the + symbol does not move in the pause between clone clone strokes. While the stroke is being done it does move but returns to the starting position I now see that in the non Aligned case it does not move with the clone brush., Perhaps I have got there at last!
  2. The Help file states: Aligned—when selected (default), the origin of the sample remains a fixed distance from the pointer. If this option is off, the origin of the sample always returns to the sample location defined initially. Yet I can not see any difference in behaviour. When I release the mouse button having done some cloning the source pointer always returns to the starting position whether Aligned is ticked or not.
  3. Thanks - I was following the instructions too closely!
  4. In both 'Initial tone Shaping' and 'Creating a Moody Sky' you are invited to make a selection and then deselect it before applying either the Saturation shift or the change in clarity. Surely as there is then no area selected the changes will apply to the whole image? Or does the absence of the marquee not indicate that the areas have been deselected?