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  1. On every instance I used Affinity Photo 1.9 so far, it suddenly crashes (the app simply vanishes). Last time when I had opened a TIFF file and was enlarging the view to 100%. Now, it crashed when clicking on develop after applying some edits in Develop Persona
  2. What about the colour problems, mostly in Viveza2? Are they now solved?
  3. I am not going to buy the DxO Nik Collection. I have the Google version I paid USD 150.00 for in 2012, and I think it is outrageous to ask € 150.00 again for some slight developement. I see it clearly in Serif's field to make Affinity Photo and former Nik Collections fully compatible. When launched within Photoshop CS5 or even from the old Capture NX2 (which converts to TIFF) the Nik Plugins work perfectly well. I like Affinity Photo a lot, but not being able to use Nik plugins is a nuisance.
  4. Indeed, but I reilly would like to continue working with Viveza 2 from AP as I did from CS5. Local adjustments with control points and counter-control points are much easier achieved than with layers and masks. So I hope the colour issue will soon be solved not only for the nik collection sold by DxO, but also for the Google version. I like AP a lot and would be glad to be able to abandon CS5 completely. Best Thomas
  5. Any news on when Viveza 2 will work correctly in Affinity Photo. With version 1.7 there are still wrong colours when an image is opened in Viveza 2. I still use the Nik Collection from Google and I don't plan to invest in the overpriced version from DxO. I am on Windows 10 and like Affinity Photo 1.7 a lot. Thanks in advance Thomas
  6. That is not really a solution. By exporting as a TIFF and re-opening that TIFF you loose the edit layers in AP and cannot continue with additional layers in AP
  7. I have a similar colour deviation in Viveza 2 as part of the former Google Nik Collection.
  8. I didn't try Viveza from AP yet, but with Color Efex Pro4 (from the former free Google Nik Suite) I have more pronounced colours and effects after returning to AP than after the last filter manipulation in Color Efex before pressing "save."
  9. Thanks for the welcome! I will upload a NEF file when I am on my machine. However, it happens to all my NEF's taken with D750, D800 and I found that the issue has already been extensively explained, but apparently not been solved under this:
  10. When I open a NEF file it is displayed much too dark. Increasing exposure quickly produces blown out aeras especially in landscape pictures and portraits. Applying a tone curve in the Develop assistant does help a bit, but applying whatever option in "exposure bias" does not change anything at all.
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