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  1. Hi Mark, as Jens said there is no charge, there are no charges for any app updates we've released.


    Is it possible you've used more than one iTunes account and more than one Mac so your first purchase wasn't recognised, or perhaps you've bought both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo with your two purchases? Take a look in your App Store's Purchased page to verify.


    Definitely worth investigating with Apple if that doesn't make things clearer. If you've purchased two apps when you only wanted one they should be able to refund you on request.

  2. The devs have developed a custom engine that plugs in to some OS X libraries and uses OpenGL acceleration. The early premise for the project was to develop an engine that could handle multiple large documents (e.g. opening many 20MP images) with the limits of an iPad that had something like 80MB memory available to apps.


    Scaling it up for desktops and laptops has gone well, there are customers running the apps on 2007 hardware, maybe even late 2006 Core 2 Duos. I bought Designer for a friend using an early polycarb MacBook and saw it working very respectably (with a tablet too).

  3. Hi Ilymom, welcome to the forums and to the Affinity community.


    Leave the shape with no fill - you just need to switch from colouring the fill to colouring the stroke (outline), using the control at the top left of the Colour panel. Also switch to the Stroke panel to make the stroke heavier.


    Here are some vids that will help you get up to speed with how things work in Designer as a new user:


    AD for beginners 1

    AD for beginners 2

    Discover the AD interface

    Other Affinity Designer videos


    Hope you start feeling more comfortable soon, just ask any questions and the forum will respond! Cheers, Dale.

  4. James from team Affinity has made a little video about DPI that might help.


    In short, you should generally ignore it and concentrate on the pixel dimensions instead. When we produce some images for the web here at Serif they need to be quite big for 5K iMacs... I don't care about the resolution in the slightest as long as those 5K pixels are actually present.


    If you're prepping your image for the web, how big do you want it to be? Just use that size in the Export dialog and choose a resample (resize) method of Bilinear, Bicubic, or Lanczos. For me DPI is a bit like speed in a car. When you want to get somewhere, it doesn't really matter what speed you go as long as you travel the correct distance, otherwise you'll undershoot or overshoot, even if you were driving at the "right speed". For images, it doesn't really matter what the resolution is as long as you have the correct number of pixels, otherwise your image will be too too small or too big, even at the "right resolution".




    And then there's compression trading off against quality, which is another thing completely :)

  5. The AMA was great! Jon answered questions for a little over an hour on topics ranging from deciding on a style to move forward with during your career, how to impress an agency you'd like to work for, choosing colours, what made Affinity Designer the right choice for some of his work, upcoming lessons on 3D and Affinity Designer, and news that he's working on some longer animations.


    The AMA page remains available for anyone who wants to read the questions and answers, I'll lock this thread as the AMA has now closed.

  6. Why did a large number of deleted accounts like my post? Did they also run around the forums liking other random posts?


    Yes they liked a lot of different posts. Flagging an account as a spammer disables their ability to post, but they can still Like things if they're really bored.


    If I notice spam accounts that don't go dormant once posting is disabled I have been known to delete them; it's quite a few extra steps while disabling posting is only one click. A couple of spam accounts had a major Liking spree so were deleted a while ago.

  7. Hi Jan Willem here.


    Four days ago I bought this wonderful program for 50 euros. Now Affinity changed the price to 50% of it...

    This does not give a good feeling ;-(((


    Hi Jan. That's an Apple feature promotion. The normal price is still incredible value, you'll reap the benefits every day.

  8. The team have released a pair of incremental updates to 1.4.1This pair of bug-fix updates improve stability and performance, and are recommended for all customers. The focus is mainly on fixes this time; we’ll be adding more exciting new features very soon!


    Visit your Mac App Store and click on the Updates page to get the latest releases for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

    Key improvements

    Fixed unwanted persistent Open dialog

    Stability improved for PNG export

    Improved PSD export

    Improved PDF and SVG import and export

    Improved 16-bit editing performance

    Improved pan/zoom performance on 5k iMac

    Updated shortcuts and custom shortcuts options

    Fixes to text, spell checking and OpenType behaviour

    Fixed file save/open issue related to deleted slices

    Fixed issues for colour-calibrated workflows on Mountain Lion

    Fixed an issue with ProPhoto colour profiles on Mavericks

    Splash screen issue sorted

    Styles applied consistently across objects of different sizes


    Specific to Affinity Photo

    Crop tool improvements

    Corrected some Live Filter issues

    Improved 16-bit editing performance


    Specific to Affinity Designer

    Lots of Artboards improvements

    Unclip/clip the canvas to view/hide items in the pasteboard area

    Pixel preview improved

    Divide geometry improved on curves using Corners


    For a more detailed list you can read about the last beta builds submitted to the app store for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.

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