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  1. Thanks @StuartRc I figured out a similar solution. I know you know how this works, but I'll type it out in case it benefits others. I converted each symbol to an individual PNG. Then I stuck with the standard image brush and created it using the first symbol. From there I double clicked on the new brush to open the Brush Editing panel. I went to the Texture tab and added all remaining shapes in the Brush Nozzle area. Then it was just a matter of experimenting in the Dynamics panel till I got to the scattered look I need. Thanks for the help everyone! The rest of my client project will be a breeze now.
  2. Cool, thanks! That makes sense. I didn't exactly understand how that Texture panel worked, but now this gives me more ideas to try. Thanks for building that quick brush. I think I'm headed in the right direction now. Have a good one!
  3. An image brush. Since I need to keep those exact blue/green/yellow colors, I was thinking that was the best choice, but I'm probably wrong and happy to try something else. Thx!
  4. Thanks Alfred! I thought that would do the trick as well, but I'm not getting the expected results. I'm attaching the PNG file I used to create my brush. I think this needs to be set up differently. Using this to create the initial brush doesn't get me to that scattered look no matter how far I push the scatter/rotation settings.
  5. Hello Affinity community, I am brand new to both Photo and Designer. I have an effect I will need to apply to several photos in the near future. It seems as if this should probably be achievable via a custom brush, but I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to configure the initial set up. Note the right side panel that has the stars/bolts/arrows surrounding the female subject. I am trying to turn those elements into a scatter brush so when I need to apply them to a photo I can just wipe the mouse across the image a couple times and have all the elements present. I've been playing with the brush settings in a custom image brush, but I can't get that scattered look which means I'm probably configuring the brush incorrectly in the first place. I do have the individual shapes in vector form, and I'll need them to be the blue/green/yellow colors seen below. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!