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  1. Thank you for the response. First time I've ever heard of a "curve" vector and a "curves" vector as if they were somehow different, but I guess thats one for google in my spare time. Regardless. In the future how do I get a clean illustrator file to import into Designer cleanly. Cuz, this sucks!
  2. I'm new to using Designer, but what I'm doing is extremely simple, head scratcher as to why Designer is making this a nightmare! I have 2 overlapping circles. Took forever just to get the break curve tool to break them where I wanted them. Now 2 selected end points will not join together. Join Curves does nothing. Close curve will jump to the ends of both selected lines but doesn't seem to be actually closing them because if you add a fill it doesn't change. The lines then become criss crossed and you would definitely see a change filling that with color. Also another aggravating note, these were solid lines in illustrator, upon import some of these lines are broken into segments. The shape of lines haven't changed, but they are not complete lines upon import. Where they are broken there is a little red end point and nothing seems to be rejoining them easily. Designer has no issue selecting points and moving them but can't seem to join them. Ideas? Cheers!
  3. All that being said. I am excited to try out the APUB demo released today. Congrats Serif, keep up the good work. Cheers!
  4. Isn't that the reason 95% of us are here? The hope of leaving Adobe Forever. Yes I'm the only one who has issues with: No free transform, No select same fill color, Too many points on conversion and no way to quickly simplify them, etc. I get you guys are passionate for the program, I am as well. But when I hit a brick wall in these programs I hear "Its coming" or "We are only so big." That's where I go, then why get into APUB right now? How about we fix these issues that are keeping many people away from using AD or AP first. For example, I've heard the points thing in AD for it to be fixed requires a complete code overall. If that is true, that to me should be an all hands on deck situation. Not we will fix it when we fix it. I use Photoshop/Illustrator or Affinity Designer/Affinity Photo EVERY SINGLE DAY. I would argue that statement is true for probably 99.9% of designers out there. InDesign doesn't even get used a third as much. There are days or weeks its not even opened. I look forward to APUB, and will buy it, I just think it would have been better down the road after spending more quality time with Serif's 2 existing kids. Bottom line I want more people using AD & AP, because then that ensures I get to keep using it. Not enough users means it gets bought out and dismantled. Remember Freehand? Cheers!
  5. You're Funny! Thanks for making my point for me. You claim to be SOOOO busy in print and yet you could care less about this app. Obviously I stand corrected in my analogy. Amazing! I'm sure you've heard of budgets, its simple math. Company money spent on APub, is company money not spent filling in the holes of AD & AP. Point made. I'm Sorry my comments on Serif's direction have touched a personal nerve with you, obviously I was on point with the pillow hug comment. I've been told thats what this area of the forum is for, FEEDBACK. What some people at Serif think or don't think of you. Who Cares! Color me unimpressed, it has nothing to do with this. Cheers!
  6. There are a lot of pixel and vector apps. But not Good! There are a lot of mediocre ones, great for a hobbyist, but professionally seriously lacking, I've tried them all. That's what I think Serif is truly missing, AD & AP are really close, they just need more of a push and sooner than later. Future Exciting developments in AD like fewer points on a conversion, (however long we have to wait for that 1 or 2 years) when thats already the norm in Illustrator. Is a bummer to say the least.
  7. Your actually making an argument that the Print market is stronger than Oh... I don't know.... Web, Apps, Games, etc. You obviously missed the Giant Point. Please educate me more on how design teams work, I would have no idea, as that is what I do. Spending resources on a print app that the market is much smaller for, instead of spending that money to put more bodies in the AD & AP seats filling in the holes. Is the point you missed. Now go back to hugging your Serif pillow. I wasn't attacking, just seriously disappointed I still have to visit the Adobe Evil Empire to get my work done. I'm hoping for the day that I could go to my bosses and get them to switch, but I can't recommend AD & AP in there current state.
  8. Final Cut Pro, not that expensive. IMO the best and no subscription BS. For the extremely tight budget, Blender also does video editing and its Free.
  9. Hey Guys, There is a lot I like about AD & AP. But there is also a lot I miss and hate! I just recently purchased both programs and found myself constantly saying "Wow." "Wow" for how many times I had to go back to Photoshop or Illustrator because there was NO ANSWER in AD or AP for tools that exist in those programs. Major issues like the amount of points after converting a circle are alarming. I've searched all over the forums for answers to see the common reply from the developers. Its either "its a feature coming" or "were small and only have so many developers." Which is fine but why waste resources on "Publisher?" The print market is on life support, so why put resources and developers on that? AD & AP are the bread and butter of all design, 90% of what we're designing uses those programs. Adobe isn't worried because you've left too many reasons for people NOT to switch or give AD & AP a try. Users have said it in your forums a 1000 times, tools we need that should be in here, the laundry list again: NO simplify path/Too Many Points • NO Free Transform • NO Select same fill color • Layers kinda sux • It’s Buggy • etc.... All these items increase speed, thats what the professionals require, the best tools that help get the job done quickly. Put all your eggs in the AD & AP basket then you can truly disrupt market share. The "look we have a publishing app now too," doesn't do anything for what I need to create.
  10. AD on iPad looks promising. I'm new to finally taking the plunge on the AD desktop and unfortunately not the illustrator killer I was hoping. A lot to like but a lot that needs fixing. Expand stroke for instance. I haven't had any workflow issues with iOS, some new to the platform might. I can't even find that Wacom listed on their website, is it available in the US? Yes I just had the latest Wacom and sold it, its good. I just prefer iPad. Apple Pencil just feels more natural to me. 12x18 iPad is plenty big, I've never drawn to the edges on any monitor I've had, most people zoom in and work in the middle of the screen. I'm about as Pro as you can get and have zero issues with Apple Pencil or iPad performance. I also like for the price you get a mobile office that I can pitch clients, find files, send invoice. Wacom just sits there doing nothing to help me, lol.
  11. Is this common? Cuz... Without a simplify line option this amount of points blows! This was a simple brush stroke, then outlined, can't believe the amount of points it threw in there for this. Yikes! Too much clean up!
  12. The Ugee is just a quick fix until the iPad Pro update. I also just sold my iPad Pro thinking this summer we would be getting the update, but now it looks like September-ish. I wouldn't spend anything more than $500 on anything else but this Ugee. $500 and above in my opinion there is only 1 choice, iPad Pro. The iPad Pro beats anything out there. Wacom can't touch the Apple Pen by far the best thing I've used! The only thing not completely up to par was some of the software choices. Adobe Illustrator Draw - Junk, Adobe Sketch - Junk, Tayasui Sketches - Close but no cigar, Procreate - Not Vector, Pixelmator - Not Vector, Astropad - Had promise until it turned into another Adobe cash grab, Ugh!, Paper 53 - Childish Interface, Not Vector, Concepts - Best color picker, thats about it. I haven't tried out Affinity Designer on the iPad yet.
  13. Forget Wacom! Overpriced! Save and spend a little more and get the Ugee 2150. I sold my Cintiq and bought the Ugee, Infinity Designer and Infinity Photo and had about $2,000 left over. So far it has been just as good as my Wacom Cintiq and your drawing on the screen for about $500. https://amzn.to/2M8tagu Cheers!
  14. Brand new to Affinity. I love it... But..... Not the Adobe killer I thought it was. No Simplify Path No Free Transform Tool No Select Same Fill Color I immediately had to return to illustrator for all of these. Bummer!
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