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  1. JDWrightBrain

    Bug Report: Locked Background not Locking

    I want to make a update. This bug seems to have been squashed in the latest update to the Beta I downloaded today. I was on I am NOW on The bug is dead. Hooray!!!
  2. JDWrightBrain

    Bug Report: Locked Background not Locking

    I don't know guys. Even when I make a pixel layer and lock it I can still select it and move it around. Here is a screenshot. My cursor dropped our but notice the "x's" are anchors in this picture. I can move the layer around. It doesn't happen instantly. You have to keep clicking and dragging. Then it comes "loose".
  3. JDWrightBrain

    Bug Report: Locked Background not Locking

    Oh sure. I'm attaching the "problem" structure and what I found that seems to work. The first structure was the default when I took a scan of my sketch (jpg) and dragged and dropped it over the AD icon in my Toolbar.
  4. I'm using the Beta of Designer for Mac and basically I have a Pixel layer I'm using as a Background layer for tracing. Even though I lock it, I'm still able to accidentally move it with my cursor. It's a pain in the ass when I go to adjust my lines and I keep grabbing the background. This would make the program unusable for me.
  5. Hello, I'm using AP 1.6.7 and I've noticed when I attempt to remove the background on an image using the Refine Selection tool it creates artifacts when I output to "New Layer with Mask". The masked layer gets artifacts all around the edges, which are mostly masked out but they poke through. I searched the boards and found this was a known issue with the Mac version in 2016. I was wondering when this will be resolved. Attached are samples showing the artifacts I'm talking about. Image A shows the artifacts. Image B shows how the image is supposed to look.
  6. Hello, I'm impressed with the development so far, but I have a request regarding the document bleed settings. I would really like to see a guideline pop up within the document showing where your bleeds are. It would definitely help me in planning my layouts. and maybe an option to convert lines to guides for if I needed to set up a dieline on a shape that is not rectangular. More print production tools in general would be nice - separation preview to determine percentages of ink coverage, and so on. Thanks
  7. JDWrightBrain

    Lines forget thickness

    Hey all. Has anyone had this issue? I'm working with Affinity Designer 1.6.1 for Mac (El Capitan - 10.11.6) using a Huion tablet. Sometimes when I draw using pen pressure to create thin/thick lines, the file seems to forget the line thickness after I close and reopen the file. It's happened a few times and I think it's a problem with "pressure profile". The lines end up really skinny and I have to go back through them and reset the pressure profiles to make the lines thicker again. Of course this can be resolved by expanding all of the strokes, but I usually do that AFTER I've digitally inked everything. Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone with a similar experience? Thanks in advance