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  1. Almost certainly the Nahimic service. Try that one first.
  2. If the program won't open at all there is a file you can edit to disable OpenCL:
  3. I quickly learned to consult Help -> Tutorial... whenever something in Photo wasn't working the way I thought it should. The brief videos are a collection of yellow explanation cards describing everything from basic operations to more advanced topics. In this case, https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/365012457/ would help.
  4. If your tutorial instructed you to use the Inpainting Tool on a new layer, make certain the option in the toolbar is set to Current Layer & Below.
  5. There are demons that lurk within the PSD forest. Instead of using a new pixel layer, what happens if you use a new Fill Layer?
  6. It may be just an issue with your recording, but I don't see any use of a radial gradient: the "Type" in the tool bar begins and ends set to Linear. This recording shows what I get when I follow your steps. 2021-09-03 13-24-52.mp4
  7. You only get the second, dotted line when you shear an object that has had a gradient applied to it. You definitely should post a screen recording of your process.
  8. You have to paint with white on the swimmer's mask layer, not the street pixel layer.
  9. Slightly different results here. I removed and re-installed The problem still exists for the main account. I signed out of the main account, signed-in to a fresh new Win 10 account. The problem did not appear. I signed out, signed-in to main account, the problem still exists. I re-started in Safe mode, the problem still exists. I booted back into normal Windows, used Device Manager to disable the AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series adapter. Problem still exists. I uninstalled Photo, downloaded and installed, the last version before Hardware Acceleration was included. The problem did not appear. uninstalled Photo, installed The problem did not appear. Repeated with and then The problem did not appear. Installed, the problem appeared. So for my main account broke transparency overlay in Refine selection created with Selection brush.
  10. I don't know if this helps, but my old system that also displays this issue does not meet the requirements for HA either.
  11. There has been one instance in the forums where Intel recommended using DDU to remove drivers. After a new clean driver installation the user's problem was solved.
  12. Did you ever use DDU to completely remove the Intel graphics driver and then do a clean install of either 27.xxx or 30.xxx?
  13. I have a three month old fairly high-end Windows 10 system with 1.10 Beta installed, it does not show this problem. I have another ancient (but still running current W10) with 1.10 retail that does. Unfortunately it "doesn't meet the hardware requirements for recording clips" (I said it was ancient) but the steps are simple. Open Photo, use File -> Open to open any .jpg on the system Draw out a rectangular selection with the marquee tool Click Refine, choose Transparency for Preview, everything is fine Cancel Refine, Ctrl-D to remove the selection Create a new selection with the Selection Brush, select Refine... Preview -> Transparency doesn't work, it just shows the original image. Other preview options work. It's not clear whether this is a Beta vs Retail issue or a hardware problem
  14. Must be Windows vs Mac, the Hand tool here is also white. I only have Photo. Looking through the forums for Power Duplication issues I've seen mention of the function in Designer. Could you try the same steps there and see what happens? I'm moving farther and farther away from "I must not know what I'm doing" towards "This is a bug".
  15. I am attaching two recordings. In the first I follow the Help instructions for Power Duplication: Duplicate the layer Activate the Move tool, drag the object away from the underlying arrow. Duplicate the top layer (should still be selected) A third layer is created, but the third arrow is in the same place as the second one, no transform is performed. The second recording starts at the end of the first with three layers but no successful transform for the third. I drag the third arrow some distance, then duplicate that layer. A fourth layer is created which reflects the second transform. Additional layer duplications also work correctly. Power-dup-fail.mp4 Power-dup-extra-steps.mp4
  16. Do you mean the duplicated layer? Yes. I don't know about your part of Texas, but it's 11:54 in Austin. Bedtime.
  17. I'll try to find time to produce a recording, although as seen in the attached (with history) .afphoto file I followed the steps in my post above exactly. Result: the third layer is the same as the second one. I haven't ruled out some sort of hardware/software incompatibility (Hello, OpenCL) to explain why only two people in the forums have experienced this but I have no idea what that could be. arrow_with_history.afphoto
  18. I don't think we need a recording. Please load the attached .afphoto file, it is a single vector arrow in an empty layer. [Reminder: Help says Duplicate, transform, Duplicate, done.] To follow the Help instructions: Duplicate the layer Activate the Move tool, drag the object away from the underlying arrow. Duplicate the top layer (should still be selected) A third layer is created, but the third arrow is in the same place as the second one, no transform is performed. Help instructions end here. If you didn't move the third arrow and the Move tool is still selected: Drag the third arrow some arbitrary distance from the second. Duplicate the layer. VoilĂ !! A transformed copy! Transformed copies will now be created with each layer duplication. Something isn't right here. arrow.afphoto
  19. That's a good idea: I'll make the recording(s) using a vector shape. That eliminates possible issues with marching ants, pixel selections, etc. Spoiler alert: It doesn't work there either.
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