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  1. Haha, my bad! You can see why I need this feature though I meant discriminating naturally.
  2. Not supporting RTL is the absolutely worse anti-feature Affinity currently has. You're outing half of the freaking world! Be PC, it makes tons of dough these days.
  3. When renaming layers, usually I like to rename them in batch. I'd be very happy to not have to click every time I want to rename a layer, but to use a key instead (the standard is tab to apply and rename next layer and shift+tab to apply and rename previous layer). Thanks!
  4. I'd gladly test it, where can I get the beta (if it's out)?
  5. I have an unconventional setup on my windows machine that seems to trigger unhandled exceptions: One monitor runs on a Geforce GT 440 (1080x1920) and the other one on my Intel I7 2600k integrated graphics (rotated 1050x1680). I have Windows 10 build 1607, intel i7 2600k, nvidia Geforce GT 440, 16GB RAM. Both Designer and Photo crash when moved (or when parts of the UI is moved) to the rotated monitor. I'd be glad to share additional information if needed.
  6. I feel stupid now, but that was it. It got me confused for good though - maybe it should be set to Automatic by default? Anyway, thanks for the fast reply!
  7. I downloaded the trial yesterday, and while the tablet works fine with photosop, krita and illustrator, Affinity designer does not response to pressure changes AT ALL. I tried reinstalling the drivers, changing the brushes, fiddling with the setting, rebooting, and nothing seem to work. OS: Windows 10 x64 build 1607 desktop Tablet: Huion 1060P (new 8192)