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  1. Nope, I am still getting the corrupt message in AD. Illustrator CS6 says it is an unknown file format and can't be opened.
  2. I am trying to open some FreeHand files for the first time but they are currently showing up in the Finder as generic. When I try to open them in Affinity Designer it tells me that the files have become corrupt. What should I do?
  3. They just came out with HS 4 by the way. Unfortunately it requires Yosemite so I wouldn't be able to upgrade to it for a few more months.
  4. Leap feels a bit bloated to me. I like how HS doesn't depend so much on folder hierarchies. I am not a big fan of folders in general. If Bridge wasn't so folder dependent I would like it a lot more. Nearly all the images I edit are coming from Lightroom in large part for that reason.
  5. That reminds me, I have a Photoshop Amazon review that has been rated high and therefore is displayed on the first page. Amazon allows you to post video reviews so if someone wants to make a video giving a run down on comparisons between Affinity Photo and Photoshop I will consider posting it on my review which should give Affinity some good additional exposure. My whole review hinges around different products that compete with Photoshop. Right now I have a little section at the end about Affinity Designer but it would make even more sense to compare Affinity Photo when it gets released in beta soon. The review primarily started out as a Sketch 2 review but I have been gradually been expanding it as new products (like the Affinity suite) have come along. Amazon's limitions for their video reviews are: Maximum file size: 100MB. Maximum length: 10 mins Accepted formats: avi, flv, mov, mpg, wmv
  6. Yeah, that is a little odd on Apple's part. Amazon not only allows replies but will call special attention to a reply that is posted by the person who made the product.
  7. Yes, I meant Sketch 3. I just noticed that both the app store review and the Iconfinder review don't seem to understand that Sketch isn't really in the same group as AF and Illustrator. Nobody seems to be pointing out that it competes with an with an Adobe app that no longer exists (Fireworks).
  8. If I am not mistaken the main success has come from the $10 a month photography plan. It's going to be hard for them to run a company on $10 payments I think, no wonder there is such a big push for the $50 plan. I wonder if they are going to have to cut the price at some point? They cut the price of the photography plan in half which was the only way they could get people on board.
  9. It's odd to me not only the Adobe bias that seems to be in a lot of articles but just the overall silence surrounding Affinity. I would have thought that Mac news sites like Macworld or Maclife might have said something about the software by this point but they have been completely mum. For a product that is a major contender for graphics software at a time when CC has been incredibly unpopular it's odd that they haven't even dedicated a couple of sentences to this software. Also no mention of Sketch 3 which has been out for quite a while now. However any time Adobe announces even the smallest new feature it gets splashed all over their homepage and social media. I wonder if Adobe is paying these sites anything?
  10. Another odd thing about that article is that it doesn't even mention that Sketch really doesn't have an Adobe equivalent at the moment. The closest products they have had to Sketch have been ImageReady and Fireworks both of which have since been retired. Fireworks was almost certainly retired due to Sketch or perhaps some secret product they are working on. Unless of course they really think Photoshop is the replacement to Fireworks but that would require a degree of cluelessness I don't think Adobe has.
  11. One of the weirdest statements I continue to hear from reviewers and Adobe stock holders is that Adobe is the software for the pros while everything else on the market is for people on a budget. I own fairly new Adobe software and yet I often choose not to use it based on the short comings of some of their products. The good news is I think they will only be able to play this game for so long. Over the coming years the payoff of making an application from scratch will begin to show while the missing features will get added soon enough. I question Adobe's strategy of continuing to pile on features to products that are already a bit bloated as is. How is that going to play out in the long run? I read an article from a stock holder that was making predictions about the company for the year 2020 once! To me is hard to say how their strategy will play out even in the next couple of years. From my view it seems like Adobe is becoming less relevant as time goes on.
  12. That's a good point denironaut it can take a really long time to learn a pro app well and a lot of people have no interest in learning a similar app. For me that has never been much of a problem often times a new app is just similar enough to the old app to be able to pick up relatively easily.
  13. Whenever I see reviews or social media comments like that I have to wonder if they are not either by Adobe employees, one of their stock holders, or one of the Adobe teachers / evangelists. You really don't have to use the program for long to know why it is much different then both Illustrator and Sketch.
  14. There is a file navigation tool I really like called HoudahSpot that you might want to check out. It's very powerful and I use it much more then Bridge.
  15. Can't wait for canvas rotation! It makes much more sense for it to be inside of a drawing app instead of Photoshop.
  16. I am actually not sure what I think about multiple artboards and pages. Back in the day I used to use FreeHand's multi page feature extensively since PageMaker was so bad and InDesign wasn't very mature yet. With programs like Sketch and the forth coming Affinity Publisher we have good options for making layouts so why not just use those programs for doing the layouts and then use AD for doing the drawing? The nice thing about the single page is that you can see all your drawings in the file system where with multiple pages you have to open each document to see the drawing that is inside. I am not sure if that is an advantage.
  17. There were a couple of people who showed interest in G+ communities so I just thought I would let them know about it. Speaking as someone fully entrenched in Apple land I like G+ since it has the same clean type of interface that Apple is known for. In fact I think the interface was made by an old Apple employee if I remember right. Facebook is a pretty decent social network but their groups feature I don't think is as good as G+ communities. If you don't believe me try using it for a while and see how it stacks up to the Facebook group.
  18. I noticed someone started a Google+ group. I plan to utilize it at some point. It needs more followers though, it only has 33 where the Sketch Google+ group has nearly 2,000.
  19. I would rather that Affinity do a few things really well rather then attempt too many things and fail. Part of the problem with Adobe is that they have cast their net so wide that they seem incapable of putting out great updates in a timely manner. Too many different areas and too many platforms.
  20. The web features you mentioned are probably what I care the least about bringing over to AD. Sketch already does a good job at that and I don't think that web layout design should be AD's main focus. The infinite canvas is just as valuable to any kind of illustration work so I could see that being brought across.
  21. For some reason the attachment icon started showing up again. I didn't log out it just came up again. One problem I am still having is I won't get notified when someone replies to me. I noticed that you posted this four days ago but I didn't know about until today when I just wanted to scan through this thread and see what new things people were posting.
  22. It seems like Apple is rethinking the file system; trying new ways of doing things, and jettisoning ideas that didn't work well. I would expect them to have some sort of replacement to the Finder. Spotlight seems to be getting the first major interface change in a decade maybe that will gradually become the Finder's replacement. We have Apple rethinking their OSs and third parties like Affinity also rethinking traditional ways of dealing with files. It is pretty exciting times.
  23. The single file technique gets more interesting the more I think about it. When I was in school we would set up a folder hierarchy for a project where you would have a InDesign file in the first folder and then would have to make folders inside that folder for photos, drawings, fonts, etc. If everything is self contained the folder hierarchy doesn't seem as important anymore. Now that a lot of the cloud formats are moving away from the deeply nested folder structures this type of format would work a lot better.
  24. "A better scenario might be it holds the colour until you paste it either on an existing point or a new point." That is a good point. Add a paste button in case you want to replace a preexisting stop. "The end point doesn't currently have the ability in the gradient panel to be copied, this isn't ideal especially if that's the colour you need" Yes, the paste button might fix this whole problem and like you said there would need to be a way to copy and paste stops with the gradient canvas tool.
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