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    Affinity Designer for iPad - 1.7.0

    Looks like it is @awan. Click grid, change to isometric then the studio will appear under the 3 dot menu at the top. Works really well but a little disappointed that they didn’t fix the visual bug when snapping to points on the iPad.
  2. Thanks mate, The shape has no effects. I've managed to narrow down the problem a little further. When pulling the problem shapes from within the clipping mask they do appear fine. I guess there's a workaround there but would be nice to fully understand why they are having problems within the mask.
  3. Hi, I'm working on someone elses project to try and figure out what the problem with their file might be. When the file is opened in Illustrator (required for their client, exported eps/svg) parts of the file are rasterised. After a lot of mind bending and checking the forums it appears that when I change the export settings to rasterize nothing the file comes out fine but it's missing several important shapes. So my main question is, on the export option, what are Unsupported Properties? I can't seem to find any difference between the shapes that are staying and the shapes that are disappearing when unsupported properties are/aren't exported except that they come rasterized. If I can figure out what these unsupported properties are then we could both learn something and know what to avoid in the future. I've tried removing effects/strokes etc. chaning the blend modes but can't seem to figure out where these specific shapes are going wrong. They are all triangles that have been converted to shapes. I'd love to link the file but it's not mine. I'll ask permission in the meantime. Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer. Cheers Shaun
  4. Thanks Dan, mich appreciated.
  5. Hi Paul, Thanks for your quick reply. I’m out all day without the iPad but I know most of the info you’ve asked. My apologies on the confusion, the grid is actually the triangular one. You can see in the images that the vertical line actually misses the crossing point of the diagnol lines on occasion. The grid is actually 256px with 12px increments, I’ve just zoomed in so you can see the problem. Snap to grid is set alongside most of the other options but I’m pretty sure it’s snapping to this grid and then looks offset when zooming in and out. As above, the doc size is a lot larger, only zoomed in. I don’t remember the dimensions off the top of my head at the moment. I’ll try upload the doc later although DM1 appears to have demonstrated the problem better :) Thanks Shaun
  6. Hi, I’m attempting to create some isometric artwork on the iPad but the grid system is throwing me off. I’m snapping to grid but the shape isn’t following the lines. if you can see in the attached images the grid lines seem to move around. Sometimes they don’t even align with themselves and sometimes there’s an extra vertical line appears. The grey shape is apparently snapped to grid (Red lines) in these examples. I’m hoping someone can help me fix this issue. Thanks in advance for any help or advice anyone can offer. Kind regards Shaun
  7. Apologies, I meant bleed guide. that indicated the set bleed.
  8. So 2 years since this has been brought up and no progress on the visible bleed? I came to Affinity as I heard the dev team were highly responsive in implementing features that the customer base needed. It's a little disappointing to see such an obvious feature overlooked and abandoned. Is there any future plans to have the visible bleed? I understand that you guys may be really busy with Publisher but this should be a day one, week one feature.

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