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    BARBAKANE got a reaction from Dan C in Affinity photo pastes layer as black and white   
    Oh...I seem to have got it. I went into the b+w layer and converted it. It was in greyscale...I converted it into RGB/16 and it behaves as it should. THat's weird that I haven't encountered that before.
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    BARBAKANE got a reaction from jimmyplaysdrums in Deck of playing cards I've been working on   
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this before.
    Death, The Fool, and the Magician are the most open to interpretation, therefore they should warrant the most attention to detail. Those would obviously be the crossover cards from deck to tarot. The Wheel of Fortune could be you double-backer or ad card.
    Look to Theory11.
    Good Luck and I look fwd to seeing updates  as it develops
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