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  1. The car was bought new by Lt. J.J. Jarratt. That is his dog Mike. Of course, everybody knows that the Jaguar XK-140 is the perfect car for the standard issue hotshot USAF F-86 fighter pilot to tour the US Southwest in with his lovely wife at his side and his German Shepherd and Siamese cat in the back seats. The location is George AFB, California. Roughly 1955-1956 timeframe. Original Kodachrome slide taken with Kodak Retina IIa. Digitized in June 2018 via Sony a7 with Qualide Slide Zoom Duplicator attached via T2-Nex adapter . I got rid of all of the dust/lint/debris that I could find with the Inpainting Brush - likely a couple hundred strokes. Then I used Selective Color to help the 60 something year old colors - a lot for the greens, a little for the blues, and a little for the neutrals. Then a slight crop off the left side to remove the irregular border on the original slide.