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  1. MokohDesign

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello, I’m Andy from Mokoh Design, originally from Somerset, UK. Now living and running small paper based giftware company and shop in Fremantle, Western Australia. Been using adobe products since 90s, along with aldus freehand and loads of other bits. Finally decided to take the plunge and purchased designer/photo and workbooks for Mac and iPad. Love it and the buzz that surrounds the applications coming from Affinity. Also just upgraded to 6th gen iPad with pencil support. I believe it’s going to help and improve the way I work. Bit obsessed with drawing on the computer, starting from my ZX81 and Atari 800xl back in the 80s. Also the Quantel Paintbox from 1981... Waiting for the publisher public beta eagerly... cheers andy
  2. MokohDesign

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Not sure if anyone has asked this question - I have searched forums for pricing, etc.. - so sorry if they have and point me in the right direction.. I am about to purchase designer and photo but not sure whether to wait to see if you are intending to any kind of 'suite' price for all 3 for mac when affinity publisher comes out? Not a problem if not - I'll purchase separately.. thanks