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  1. Good luck getting any other response than "the developers know, this is not an easy fix, it is on the list, blah blah blah" as soon as my current contract ends, where I unfortunately have to use this software, I will be out. There are a handful of great features in AD, but too many core flaws for this to be the single software solution for anyone who relies on precision.
  2. Any updates on this? Force pixel alignment is still an issue and shouldn't be on something touting itself as a UI design tool (amongst other things). It's rather frustrating having to double check every object you create when you've set the software to "force" a set of criteria.
  3. I think they are more concerned about launching tablet versions than actually fixing their main product. You cannot tout UI software which fails in a primary requirement for UI design. The auto-response from moderators is very disheartening.
  4. I think you're better off looking for an alternative platform for precise vector asset creation. This has been an issue for years, I doubt it's getting fixed anytime soon.
  5. Thanks MEB, Hopefully it gets attention at some point, fairly important in a vector program, I'll stick to Illustrator for icon creation for now. Cheers.
  6. Any update on this yet? I'm still experiencing the warp when trying to expand. It seems to have been on a dev priority list for 2 years but is still an ongoing issue?
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