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  1. MannyG

    Blend Tool?

    +1 On the blend tool.
  2. I have done it and it works! Thanks for the detailed explanation, that really helped understand the whole concept.
  3. I see. Well,I was looking through the settings on the printer and it does print borderless, does this means it does print to the border?
  4. I am also trying to print a letter size 1 page booklet but for some reason, when printing, it does not print the actual 8.5 x11 inch, there are one blank part on top and bottom even though I have specified when creating the document to be that size, with booklet option and facing pages enabled. Here is a screenshot of what I have: And here is the actual result from the print and as you can see, marked by the red arrow, it should be the edge of the paper, which is not. Maybe someone can see what is happening here? I have tried every combination and nothing. It's getting frustrating....
  5. I also need the Offset Path tool. Please implement it.