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  1. There are numerous tutorials suggesting that you can hover the text tool over a path and it will allow you to type on a curve, but that is not the case in the 2020 version of the software. Hovering over a curve is no different than hovering anywhere else, and clicking results in a new normal text layer being created. I have also seen it suggested to select the path and go to layer -> convert to text path, but sadly, that is also not a thing in the 2020 version of the software. I can right click it and convert it to a text frame, but that just contains the text, it doesn't allow me to write it in a circle or along a custom path. Edit: I just realized everything I was finding was for Designer even though I was looking for Photo. So, there's no way to do it in Photo? That's a bit silly but I do have Designer so I guess I'll just do it there.
  2. I'm just at a loss for why holding shift doesn't work to add to my existing selection. You can't seriously expect people to actually CLICK the "add" mode every time they want to add to selection? I can hold option to remove but I can't hold shift to add?!
  3. It just creates a weird amalgom of the shapes with random meaningless points in the middle.,. It doesn't actually subtract the shape. Observe:
  4. Cool! I had not heard of JustinMind. And Axure looks to have come a very long way since I used it years ago. I will definitely have a look at these. Edit: Ugh, software that charges monthly again. No. NO. This is not an acceptable business model, I am completely disinterested. F**k these companies, I am so filthy sick of money-grubbing greedy ass pieces of shit who think they can do something once and then get paid over and over forever. F**k these companies every bit as much as Adobe. I can't believe they have the nerve to do that when they aren't even providing a service like Figma and Invision. In order for me to use it software has to have a native client that works fully while offline and allows me to control my own files and convert my files to other programs if desired. Sorry but no matter how good a web app is, it does not perform on the level of a native app. That's simply not possible in a browser. Too many unnecessary bottlenecks, and wrapping the app in your own mini-browser and claiming it's native doesn't solve them. But even if it did, Figma still fails the offline and file control tests. Not an option if it doesn't run on both Windows and Mac. Don't see why anyone would bother making an app that isn't cross-platform in 2019. It's obviously not possible for me to make that statement with regards to others' preferences. It is implied that I am talking about my own situation. The word "viable" doesn't even make sense out of a specific personal context which I had already shared. Sentences are not meant to be read in a vacuum. Intentionally refusing to acknowledge the context in order to be pedantic and rude for no reason is going to cause you and the people you interact with a lot of problems in life.
  5. I and many others will never go with a cloud-based solution. I just can't stomach putting all my eggs in one startup's basket or not controlling my files. To each their own. Even if Affinity doesn't succeed, I have my files and they can be converted to other programs. The collaboration features are great but they just don't come anywhere close to overcoming that for me. For the above stated, and some other reasons, it is a fact. You don't get to decide what's viable to me. Sorry, but what your friends are doing has no bearing on my decision. I already gave my reasoning as to why Adobe Xd is currently the only option for me.
  6. Not sure whether it would be done in Affinity Designer or if it warrants a new app (I lean toward new app myself) but it would be really nice if Affinity put some competition out against Sketch and Adobe Xd. The others, like Figma and InVision, are web-only, so not really even in the running as far as I'm concerned. And Sketch is Mac Only, so again, not an option. This leaves just Adobe Xd as the only viable prototyping software in 2019. It would be awesome to see Affinity put up some competition, considering how formidable you are against even their powerhouse apps, I think the simpler nature of prototyping apps would allow you to utterly dominate them.
  7. I really, really don't understand that design decision. Having tools toggle on and off from their hotkey is like designing a steering wheel in a car to toggle between steering left and right, and you have no way to know which one it's going to do without trying it out. This violates some really fundamental and basic principles of user interface design. When I press a hotkey I need to know exactly what it's going to do. I really love this software overall, but this one flaw is enough to completely spoil it. I can't use this for production unless/until you fix it.
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