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  1. This! This is an essential and VERY easy to implement feature: just grab whatever feature is wanted from the currently selected item and traverse the tree. Done. While we are at it: Another hard to miss feature: Select a bunch of objects, click one of them to designate as the reference object, then do whatever alignment on them. And no, to use a dropdown menu to select first/last is just not cutting it. Again, rather easy to implement. Before adding more complex features, Serif should rather focus on usability. Because without the latter, the former don't matter.
  2. I just downloaded the trial version of Affinity Designer (Windows) to give it a spin. Guess I don't need the full 10 days - 5 mins were enough to eliminate AD as a potential AI replacement, as without a "Select all with same X" feature this software is next to useless (as least for what I would use it regularly). Too bad. I did love its overall performance, totally beats AI there.
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